Counter – dream interpretation

A counter is a table in a shop or restaurant. The staff work area is on one side, the customers are on the other. The counter in a pub or bar is usually quite high, so that guests either stand or sit on correspondingly high bar stools. Anyone who drinks something at a bar is usually looking to socialize.

Counter - dream interpretation

A conversation with the innkeeper or bartender is quickly established. And bar visitors can also easily make contact with each other at a bar.

If you dream of a bar in a bar, you might just want to have a casual chat and relax again. When interpreting dreams, it is informative whether the dreamer is alone or in company. Dealing with alcohol in a dream also says a lot.

Dream symbol “counter” – the general interpretation

As a dream image, a counter warns of inactivity and idleness. Perhaps the sleeper secretly harbors wishes that would not be good for him to fulfill. On the other hand, the dream symbol in dream interpretation also represents the search for Enjoyment and lightheartedness in pleasant company.

The dreaming person probably wants to break out of the restrictions of everyday life for a moment. Anyone who drinks alcohol, such as vodka or something similar, at a bar, perhaps even as a drunk in their dreams, allows themselves to go overboard and enjoy themselves to their heart’s content. According to dream analysis, the dream symbol also expresses the desire to be able to express one’s own thoughts free of constraints.

They are also important for dream interpretation social factors important. If the dreamer feels lonely in real life, the dream symbol “counter” should be understood as an invitation to go out more often among people and make contacts there. Sitting alone at a counter in a dream can express a negative mood. The sleeper may believe that he is rightly denied pleasure.

Nevertheless, the counter is a symbol of the desire to slip out of your own skin and treat yourself to something. According to dream analysis, drinking together at a bar in a dream is a sign that the dreamer would like to exchange ideas with others, even if they are acquaintances superficial remain. What is also interesting about this dream image is the question of which drink is drunk in the dream. Hard liquor indicates a certain willingness to take risks, wine and beer represent enjoyment.

Dream symbol “counter” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the bar in a pub is a symbol of relaxation, especially for men. However, since you never know in advance who you will meet there, the dream symbol also represents adventure as well as surprises and changes. With dreams, the subconscious creates the opportunity to let go of inhibitions and possibly get involved with shady characters and situations.

Consuming alcohol at the bar indicates one unleashed emotionality which enables the sleeper to change his perception. He probably longs for intense feelings and experiences in real life.

According to dream analysis, the dream symbol also represents personal inhibitions and Blockages which obscure a clear view of certain problems. The alcohol that is drunk at the bar disinhibits and thus creates the opportunity to better recognize one’s own needs, which may be considered immoral.

Dream symbol “counter” – the spiritual interpretation

People generally meet at a bar to have a drink and chat with others. For the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol represents one Connection of opposites. In dreams, things that otherwise don’t seem to fit together come together. The alcoholic drinks also embody a change in consciousness and mind.

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