Corn – dream interpretation

Corn is a cereal plant that can reach a height of up to three meters. It has a permanent place in our diet and is one of the most popular foods, especially because of its versatility. Whether cornflakes, popcorn or freshly grilled on the cob – corn is delicious in many different ways. The grain consists of over 70 percent water. Corn also contains many vitamins and minerals and is a healthy food that aids digestion, especially due to its high fiber content.

Corn can also be a dream symbol in our dreams. Depending on how it appears to us, the dream interpretation of this dream image is also very different. In most cases, however, May dreams can be viewed as positive.

Dream symbol “corn” – the general interpretation

Depending on the overall context of the dream, corn is a dream symbol that can be interpreted positively. If you see the corn being harvested in a dream, this is a sign for the general dream interpretation that you are looking forward to happiness fulfillment the most fervent wishes.

If the corn that is harvested is still very ripe, you can expect successful and, above all, financially very lucrative times. Picking individual ears of corn indicates to the dreamer that a person has great influence over him very benevolent is attached. This can have an extremely positive effect on him, especially in the professional area.

If you eat green corn in a dream, there will be no shortage of good friends in your waking life. Especially for young people, this dream means that existing friendships are very honest and reliable connections are. If, as a dreamer, you watch other people harvesting a corn field, you will be able to share in the success and happiness of friends or relatives in the near future.

However, there is also a negative interpretation aspect to this dream symbol. If the corn that you see in the dream or even want to eat is spoiled, this means that things are coming to an end losses and disappointments in the life of the dreaming person. In order to perhaps interpret this dream situation more precisely, you should consider whether you wanted to share the spoiled corn with someone or whether certain people also played an important role in the dream.

If the corn is ground into cornmeal in a dream, you will probably have a happy time in the waking world.

Dream symbol “corn” – the psychological interpretation

The corn is important in the psychological interpretation of dreams Phallussymbol and is therefore closely related to the sexuality of the dreaming person. Depending on the condition of the corn cobs, this dream image reveals a lot about the love potential and life force of the person concerned.

If a man dreams of poorly grown corn cobs, there may be one behind it negative view on your own masculinity. Real potency or erectile dysfunction can certainly also be the cause of dreams of this kind. However, the experience of dream interpreters shows that it is often the dreaming person’s fears that lead to corresponding dream content. Perhaps the dreamer feels doubts about his ability to love or believes that he cannot give his partner sexually what he thinks she needs or expects.

Dream symbol “corn” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream image “corn” symbolizes the foodthat Mother Earth gives us.

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