Conductor – dream interpretation

Conductors are part of the service staff on trains and trams, for example in the subway, S-Bahn or tram.

Their main task is to check passengers’ tickets (also called “bilets”). They also provide information about the travel route and advise passengers on urgent questions relating to the train journey, for example if there are delays. The conductor is also the person you can turn to if you have a personal problem regarding the ride.

Conductor - dream interpretation

But it’s not just during a real train journey that we often see conductors. We can also encounter one of these in our dreams. Here it often has a symbolic meaning. In order to interpret such a dream, the exact dream situation should be taken into account:

Were you just checked or did you have a question for the conductor? Did he catch someone driving fare? Or did you even practice the profession of conductor in your dream?

Dream symbol “conductor” – the general interpretation

According to popular belief, seeing a conductor can come difficulties predict. The dreamer cannot always reach his goals directly. Before success becomes apparent, it is first important to deal with everyday problems and systematically develop solutions. However, if the person concerned manages to work ambitiously and productively, they will ultimately be able to achieve their goals. This meaning also applies if you have an urgent question for the conductor in a dream.

If you are checked by a conductor in a dream, this can also happen Authorities Clues. The person affected must learn to accept this. If in the dream situation he cannot show a ticket, i.e. he is caught fare evading, this further illustrates the aspect that the dreamer often makes things too easy for himself in everyday life. He tends to always choose the easiest path, without being aware of the consequences for those around him.

Anyone who dreams of working as a conductor most likely only has one in real life few friends. The person affected often makes themselves unpopular with others through their self-important behavior.

Dream symbol “conductor” – the psychological interpretation

If you find out the exact age of an older person in your dream, for example if they are over 70, 80 or even over 90 years old, the individual age numbers should also be analyzed.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a train journey symbolizes one’s own life path and personal one Development. In this context, a conductor is a person who helps the person concerned and makes sure that he or she does not go in the wrong direction. In reality, this could be a good friend, your own partner or even a family member.

Through the dreamed conductor, the subconscious also asks the person concerned to show others in everyday life how much they are theirs Support appreciates how grateful you are for the constant spiritual support.

Dream symbol “conductor” – the spiritual interpretation

Even according to the spiritual interpretation approach, the conductor symbolizes you supporter. It helps the dreamer to develop spiritually in life new findings to get.

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