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Combing your hair has long been part of basic human body care. Anyone who is always well combed shows that they take care of themselves. If you overdo your combing, especially in public, you will quickly be seen as vain and superficial. The same thing can happen with unnaturally colored hair.

When a woman combs her long and beautiful hair for everyone to see, then ties it in a braid or has her hair artfully braided, she is sending erotic signals. Particularly long, voluminous, healthy hair that is worn open is also an eye-catcher. With this activity, the legendary Loreley exerted such a fascination on the Rhine boatmen that they forgot to pay attention to the flow of the river; their boats capsized and the men drowned.

If someone dreams of combing their hair, they may feel the need to groom themselves. There may be an event coming up for which the dreamer wants to look particularly good. The closer circumstances of what happened in the dream play a significant role in the interpretation of the dream. Is the hair long or short, is it your own or someone else’s?

Dream symbol “combing” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, combing your own hair in a dream is an invitation to the dreamer to act in his life Order care for. In addition, the dream symbol in this context can also be a symbol of a loss of trust: the dreamer is threatened with losses caused by a person they trust.

Problems combing your own tangled hair symbolize the dream interpretation futility all the effort. The dreamer may lack concentration and may also trust the wrong people.

The dream symbol “comb” is a sign of the ability to quickly overcome difficulties if it is someone else’s hair that you comb in a dream. If the dreamer combs a child’s hair, this action expresses his popularity at others.

The condition of the hair itself also says something about the interpretation of the dream: long and beautiful hair that is easy to comb indicates a new friendship. If a man combs and cleans his beard in a dream, the dream symbol represents vanity. If the hairdresser combs hair in the dream, the dreamer always wants to appear neat and well-mannered in reality. Appearance is very important to those affected.

If the hair is unruly and keeps falling over the face, the dreamer can sometimes recognize a hair band in the dream. If the hair is held on the head with the aid, the affected person is subject to their own Restrictions: The person suppresses his desires and characteristics and does not live the life that makes him free and happy.

Dream symbol “combing” – the psychological interpretation

The dream symbol “combing” indicates on a psychological level the pronounced vanity of the dreamer. Especially if the hair is styled very carefully, it can also become excessively strong sexual self-discipline hide.

In dream interpretation, combing your hair is sometimes a request to examine and improve your own self-image. If combing in a dream is done with care and calm, the subconscious signals to the dreamer that he should not judge certain events in real life too hastily, but rather observe and analyze them closely.

If the hair is first combed and then braided, the dreamer is in harmony with himself: body, mind and soul are in harmony.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “combing” can also mean the attempt to Order to bring into one’s own instinctual life. This is also good for the partnership. If you comb your hair in a dream and thereby mess it up, it shows that you are trying to disguise something in real life, perhaps an unclear relationship or complexes in an erotic or emotional sense.

If the hair becomes silky and smooth as a result of combing, the dream symbol represents success problem solving. If the combed hair looks particularly good in the dream, this is a confirmation from the subconscious of success and attractiveness.

Dream symbol “combing” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “combing” is expressed in dream interpretation on a spiritual level spiritual interconnectedness of the dreamer with nature and its beauty.

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