collect – dream interpretation

You can collect different things, both in reality and in the dream world. Very different areas can also be addressed. Think, for example, of passionate stamp collectors or snow globe collectors.

But picking fruit, such as quinces, or picking berries can also be summarized under the term collecting. Mushrooms or herbs, such as chamomile or peppermint, can also be collected in a dream. Some animals collect pollen, like bees collecting pollen or squirrels collecting acorns.

Against this background, what was collected, picked up or picked on the dream level is also important for the interpretation of such a dream. The aspects of other dream symbols can be helpful.

Dream symbol “collect” – the general interpretation

From a general point of view, collecting as a dream symbol can indicate that the dreamer acts with foresight in the waking world. Because of this proactive action He will also be successful in both his private and professional areas.

When interpreting the dream symbol “collect” you should also take into account what was collected in the dream. Hoarding money or other valuables, such as jewelry or jewels, in a dream is often seen as a happy sign understood for the dreamer’s future. Picking up fruit or fruit as a dream image brings with it hours of fun. Anyone who collects flowers in their dream, such as marigolds, will probably get involved in a love affair.

Harvesting potatoes while sleeping symbolizes hard work that will lie ahead for the dreamer. If the sleeper observes himself picking berries, such as blueberries or gooseberries, in his dream, he should realize that many small tasks must be completed before success. If you collect grapes in your sleep to make raisins, you should not act hastily.

Piling up wood in a dream can bring worries and hard work to announce.

If people gather in a dream or you ask them to gather, this can indicate very active business behavior. Keeping gold and pearls as a dream image can indicate a great desire for power on the part of the dreamer. If you collect silver coins in a dream, this can herald an extraordinary event.

If you collect small parts in a dream using tweezers, you should not lose sight of the details of a particular matter in the waking world.

Dream symbol “collect” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “collect” can be understood to mean that the dreamer is aware of the value of certain things in the waking world. Based on these Understanding he will also be able to shape his life successfully.

Picking up trash from the ground in a dream can warn the sleeper to focus more on his or her personality. Because this will allow him to better recognize his desires. The psychological dream interpretation interprets the recording or collection of data in an address book while sleeping as an indication of a well-developed one Social life.

Anyone who collects shells on the beach in their dream receives an indication of their own sexuality and their feminine side. If you watch a squirrel collecting nuts and acorns in a dream, the dreamer will have one secured future predicted. He knows how to organize himself and his supplies well and use them accordingly. Collecting eggs as a dream image can indicate that you should become aware of your abilities and talents.

Dream symbol “collect” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “collect” as a symbol for Strive of the sleeper for spiritual knowledge and insights. He wants to expand his intellectual horizons in the waking world and therefore wants new experiences.

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