Cloves – dream interpretation

Flowers often say more than words. Carnations are certainly not one of the typical types of flowers that you find in almost every bouquet. Nevertheless, these feathery plants often have a very special meaning. In the 15th century, for example, white carnations symbolized marriage and also love. Red carnations, on the other hand, were seen as a sign of resistance during the French Revolution.

In addition to the clove as a flower, every passionate hobby cook and baker is certainly familiar with the clove, because thanks to its intense taste it is often used to prepare meat and fish dishes, marinades, sauces or red cabbage. It can be found in gingerbread and in the popular curry spice mixture.

As a dream symbol, cloves also have a variety of meanings. Do you remember the color of the flowers? This can be crucial for interpreting your dream.

Dream symbol “carnations” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpreters, the dream image of “carnations” often heralds one nice time for the dreamer. This can relate to the private or professional environment. There may be a job change or a salary increase that is unexpectedly approved. Even a surprise visit can be a reason for a happy time.

Dream interpretation also distinguishes how exactly carnations appear in our dreams:

If the flowers bloom, you can count yourself lucky in your waking life because you have good and reliable friends by your side. Looking closer at carnations in the dream world announces to the dreamer Luck in love life. If the flowers are also red or green, everything in the partnership area will develop in the future exactly as you may have always dreamed of.

If the carnations in the dream experience have already withered, this indicates a distance between friends. You may have been drifting apart for a long time and are only now realizing it.

Although the main symbol of the dream is the plant itself, colors can still provide additional clues if they were recognizable to the dreaming person.

For example, yellow or black carnations are said to have a rather negative meaning. In this case, pay particular attention to friendships that are important to you, otherwise major problems could quickly arise, especially in this area of ​​life. If you see white carnations in a dream, this dream content represents a very selfless friendship.

Dream symbol “cloves” – the psychological interpretation

If a man dreams of carnations, this dream experience can be beneficial, according to psychological dream researchers secret desires stand.

In this context, the flowers sometimes represent the need for love that can be bought, which can mean that the dreamer is longing for a sexual adventure without a binding background. However, he doesn’t dare say that openly. He prefers to talk through the flower instead of putting his cards on the table and owning up to his secret passions.

Dream symbol “cloves” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, cloves are a symbol of… Marian devotion and the Passion of Christ. Carnation symbols are therefore often found in pictures with religious motifs.

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