Clover – dream interpretation

Like the chimney sweep, the pig and the horseshoe, the clover is a widespread symbol of good luck and is given away as a good luck charm on New Year’s Eve – because you have to be a little lucky to find a four-leaf clover among the many common clovers.

If there is clover in the meadow, it makes the food for the grazing animals tasty and rich, and its white and red flowers attract bumblebees and bees with their sweet nectar. Clover is considered the embodiment of summer. There are many types of clover, and we also use some plants, such as fenugreek or red clover, to season dishes.

We also say that we have someone “praise over the green clover”when we want to express that we give a person more praise than necessary.

But how can we interpret the clover or shamrock when it appears in our dreams? What does the dream interpretation have to say about clover?

Dream symbol “clover” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The four-leaf clover – also a lucky charm in dreams?

The 4-leaf clover represents a symbol of good luck on both the conscious level and the dream level. This dream image promises a happy outcome, especially in love matters. It may be that the dreamer will soon find the right life partner in waking life or even move towards marriage. He can also look forward to actual growth in financial matters, but also in emotional areas. The sleeper is likely to have a time ahead of them that will be characterized by well-being and inner balance.

Dream symbol “clover” – the general interpretation

The meaning of the four-leaf clover is also quite unmistakable in dreams. Awaits the dreamer Luck, or he feels like he’s very lucky right now. This can also mean material or spiritual wealth.

Traditionally, a dream about a four-leaf clover, if dreamed in love, represents happiness marriage and a promising relationship.

The color plays a special role in this dream symbol: If the clover leaf is light green, luck will soon come, or the dreamer will already find himself in it. If the clover is dark, this indicates late luck, which will nevertheless occur. Seeing clover fields or growing some yourself indicates happy household management and wealth hin.

If the cloverleaf in the dream does not have four leaves, but only three, then it refers to the opposite side, it shows the ordinary and everyday. This may sound a bit disappointing at first, but it could also be an indication Everyday to appreciate more in all its facets and to accept normality.

Dream symbol “clover” – the psychological interpretation

The four-leaf clover can be interpreted psychologically Trost or indicate a desire to do so, especially by people close to you. Since clover was previously used as a symbol of love and relationships, it can also have a deep, pleasant effect Love feelings of the dreaming.

If the clover has three leaves, it symbolizes bumps in the psyche of the dreamer. Last but not least, clover can become a weed in the garden if it multiplies too much and restricts other plants. It’s time to clean up your own soul and put everything back in its place.

In this case, the three-leaf symbolizes the Unit of body, mind and soul, which need to be restored in order to feel in harmony with oneself and the environment again.

Dream symbol “clover” – the spiritual interpretation

The shamrock has been a symbol of the world since ancient times Trinity, and this is how it can also be understood in spiritual dream interpretation. Body, soul and spirit form a unity and yet at the same time are neatly separated from each other.

In addition, clover was a medicinal plant of the Druids and refers to Healing powers and wisdom.

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