Cloak – dream interpretation

A cape is a type of coat without sleeves. The lush, flowing fabric covers the upper body and sometimes reaches down to the ankles. There are capes with a collar or with a hood. The garment is held together at the neck with a ribbon, button or buckle.

Rulers used to dress in expensive shawls, so a long cloak often had something majestic about it. However, it is also an attribute of magicians and wizards, such as Harry Potter, and can therefore seem scary or mysterious. Today we know it as a fashionable piece of clothing in the form of capes or ponchos.

A dream about a cloak can arouse curiosity. The dreamer would like to know who is hiding underneath. Maybe he also wraps himself in the material. For the dream interpretation of this symbol, the context is just as important as the personal connections to it.

Dream symbol “cape” – the general interpretation

A cloak is used to cover the body to protect it from cold and wet, but also from unwanted looks. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol is primarily a symbol of Stealth.

For the dreamer, the question arises as to what the material is supposed to hide. Perhaps the dreamer is trying to disguise his true intentions in a certain situation. In a professional or business context, it sometimes makes sense not to reveal your thoughts and plans too early.

However, the cloak in the dream can also be a dream interpretation Cover-up represent. It is possible that the dreamer did not behave correctly and wants to disguise his actions afterwards. According to dream interpretation, the dream symbol can also embody hidden feelings.

Another aspect of this dream symbol is the protective, warming function of the cloak, especially if it is made of fur or mink. According to dream interpretation, wrapping the body expresses both physical protection and emotional security.

In addition, the social symbolism of this piece of clothing is of great importance. It gives dignity and to the one who wears it in the dream View. Perhaps the dreamer feels that he is respected by others, but perhaps he also wants greater respect for himself.

For popular dream interpretation, putting on a cloak is seen as an announcement of promising opportunities. However, if you lose it in a dream, the dream symbol warns of material and non-material losses.

Dream symbol “cloak” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the dream symbol “cloak” represents an unbalanced psyche. She will get through dark parts of being disturbed, which the dreamer unconsciously wants to hide from others or from himself. In dreams, the compulsive drive to hide and suppress certain personality traits becomes clear.

Especially if the cloak is too short, the dream symbol shows the fear of discovery and exposure. In addition, according to dream interpretation, the lush fabric is also an expression of emotional ones Restraint. The dreamer does not want to publicly admit his feelings, possibly his secret love for a person, and hides them from the eyes of others with the cloak.

Another aspect of the interpretation of the dream symbol is the need for protection of oneself or someone else. In both cases, the cloak is intended to convey safety and security in the dream.

Dream symbol “cloak” – the spiritual interpretation

On the transcendental level, the cloak is a symbol of magical, spiritual protection. The dream symbol points to the Security in faith.

In spiritual dream interpretation, the loss of the cloak symbolizes the dreamer’s fear that his faith could be in danger.

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