Cleopatra – dream interpretation

Cleopatra was an Egyptian queen who ruled over 2,000 years ago but is still familiar to us today. There are many myths surrounding the powerful woman as well as speculation about her life as a ruler. What is certain is that she had affairs with powerful statesmen, including Julius Caesar of Rome, which quickly resulted in a child.

To preserve her beauty, Cleopatra regularly bathed in donkey milk and honey. She loved emeralds and loved to decorate herself; her lifestyle was extremely lavish and characterized by wealth. The Queen of Egypt was considered what we would today call a highly sought-after Hollywood diva.

It can happen that the beautiful pharaoh appears in the dream world. Some people see themselves as Cleopatra in their dreams or meet her. But what can these dreams say? How is Queen Cleopatra interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “Cleopatra” – the general interpretation

During her life as ruler, Cleopatra maintained relationships and, as we would today call it, affairs with various powerful men, including Caesar. In dreams it can therefore be used as a symbol for seduction and eroticism stand.

If a woman sees herself as Cleopatra in a dream, she places a lot of value on herself independence and freedom, but at the same time appeals to a large number of men. According to general interpretation, the dream shows that the person affected is very attractive and can easily seduce the opposite sex. She may also be prone to adultery.

In addition, the person Cleopatra also symbolizes one in the dream authority in the real life of the person affected. If he meets Cleopatra, this can say a lot about his relationship with powerful people. Is the relationship with the ruler in the dream positive or tense? Is he perhaps afraid?

The dreamer should consider which authoritarian personality the symbol could refer to in his real life and whether he might need to work through his relationship with him.

Dream symbol “Cleopatra” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “Cleopatra” represents parts of oneself personality, which the dreamer tries to repress on a conscious level. These may have a negative tone, perhaps he has wicked or dark sides in the depths of his self that he doesn’t want to deal with.

According to some psychoanalysts, anyone who sees themselves as Cleopatra in a dream can also draw conclusions about their own character.

In this case the dream symbol shows a particularly large one self-consciousness at. The dreamer trusts in himself and his personal strengths in everyday life and believes that he is not dependent on the support and help of others. Even though this can be very helpful in many situations, especially in professional life, he should still be careful not to overestimate himself. The dreamer will not always be able to be successful with his own skills and strengths, but will occasionally need someone at his side.

Dream symbol “Cleopatra” – the spiritual interpretation

There has always been something mysterious and mystical associated with Cleopatra and also with the country that she ruled, Egypt.

If the queen is dreamed of, on a spiritual level it symbolizes all of these hidden pages of the person affected.

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