Clarinet – dream interpretation

The clarinet as a musical instrument belongs to the family of woodwind instruments, similar to the transverse flute, the recorder, the oboe or the saxophone. Their tone, which is produced by a wooden air reed or reed, is usually soft and melodious and their sound has something temptingly erotic for many people.

How were you in your dream? Were you enchanted by the sound of the clarinet or did you find it unpleasant? Did you play the instrument yourself or did you listen to a clarinet player?

All of these questions should help you interpret your dream. Because not only the dream symbol itself is important for dream interpretation, the surrounding circumstances and all details can also be important.

Dream symbol “clarinet” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “clarinet” as a hint to the dreamer that he spends his time listening in the waking world wasted. As a result, he learns things that actually don’t interest or concern him at all. The dream symbol wants to point out to him that he should say openly that this is not his topic. This teaches him to set boundaries and gives him more time that he can use for himself.

In addition, the clarinet as a dream symbol illustrates the frivolity of the dreamer. This is actually beneath his own dignity. He should approach things with more seriousness. That would look better on him. The general dream interpretation interprets the sight of a clarinet in a dream or just playing on it as a sign of Joy and Luck in the family.

However, if the dreamer plays the clarinet incorrectly in the dream, this can predict an accident or mishap in the waking world.

The sight of a broken clarinet as a dream symbol suggests to the dreamer Trouble warn with a close friend in the waking world. Perhaps he offended him by being careless. He should look closely at his surroundings and consider whether he has harmed anyone in the recent past.

The clarinet in a dream as a musical instrument can also communication skills of the dreamer in the waking world. If the clarinet in a dream is viewed as a wind instrument in the general interpretation of dreams, this dream symbol can also indicate the dreamer’s ability to think.

Dream symbol “clarinet” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level, a clarinet often has a dream symbol sexual meaning.

Especially for women, the dream symbol “clarinet” can be a symbol of the male sexual organ or be interpreted for their longing for it. The wind instrument therefore has a symbolic function as a phallus.

For male dreamers, the music of the clarinet is more important in the dream. The erotic sound of the clarinet as a dream symbol shows men different things Temptations on.

Dream symbol “clarinet” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “clarinet” gives the dreamer one Notice in the way he wants to express himself in the waking world.

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