Chocolate – dream interpretation

For many people, chocolate is the sweetest temptation. Even a small piece that slowly melts on the tongue can put you in a real state of intoxication – and that’s certainly not because of the usually high sugar content. Even though research agrees that the concentration of happiness-promoting substances in chocolate is too low to have a significant effect, we simply feel happy after enjoying a piece or a bar.

There are many occasions to enjoy chocolate: whether it’s the chocolate Santa Claus under the Christmas tree, the sweet Easter bunny, the delicious chocolate candy for in between meals or the drinking chocolate before going to bed – chocolate is always popular and has tons of fans.

But what does a dream about chocolate want to tell us? Does this just reflect our longing for chocolate, since we don’t treat ourselves to it in the waking world? Maybe this dream only happens when you’re dieting?

Dream symbol “chocolate” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chocolate” refers to one temptation in the waking world. This can come from both people and things. At the same time, chocolate in a dream can also indicate strength and health. If the dreamer wants to eat chocolate in his dream, but the high calorie or sugar content prevents him from doing so, this dream situation should make him realize that he has so far withstood the temptation in waking life and has not given in.

Generally speaking, the sight of chocolate in a dream illustrates thoughtless food addictions in waking life. The dreamer should break away from these in the future.

Eating or drinking chocolate as a dream symbol brings both Luck and wealth as well as health and energy. If the chocolate appears delicate, noble and very tasty to the dreamer in his dream, his life in the waking world will be positive.

However, if the chocolate has a bitter aftertaste, the dreamer is shown that he has not yet processed a certain experience. If the dreamer receives chocolate as a gift in a dream, the person giving it is a good friend in the waking world. If, on the other hand, the dreamer gives away chocolate in his dream, he wants to convince a specific person.

Chocolate pralines as a dream symbol symbolize a harmonious course of business. According to general dream interpretation, dark chocolate in a dream is a sign of disappointments. Chocolate made from cocoa or white chocolate as a dream symbol indicates weakened health. Milk chocolate in a dream promises soon gifts for the dreamer.

If the dreamer sees truffle chocolate in his dream, he receives a hint that he sees himself as something special in waking life. He wants others to also recognize his great abilities. If the dream symbol “chocolate” appears as ice cream in the dream, this is generally a sign of useless actions. The dreamer should think carefully about his actions in the waking world.

Chocolate-covered marzipan balls in a dream usually bring happy times. Chocolate together with marshmallows can be a dream image that points to the beautiful sides of life, which you will soon be able to enjoy.

Dream symbol “chocolate” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “chocolate” as the dreamer’s desire for one mental and physical fusion with a loved one. The dreamer seeks to create the greatest possible closeness to his partner or another loved one.

However, if the dreamer is currently on a diet in the waking world and the dream symbol “chocolate” appears to him, from a psychological point of view this is a sign of the longing for uninhibited enjoyment. Chocolate does not necessarily have to be the first choice, but rather the dream refers to the undisturbed enjoyment of a particular dish.

Dream symbol “chocolate” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chocolate” indicates to the dreamer that he is interested in something in waking life reward yourself want.

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