Chimney – dream interpretation

A chimney is not only found on buildings or systems. Steam locomotives and steam ships also have one. The task of the chimney is to remove smoke and soot that arise in an oven, fireplace or kitchen into the outside. Due to their size, tall factory chimneys are particularly noticeable from afar.

When interpreting the dream of a chimney, not only the symbol itself should be considered. Rather, as many details as possible should be taken into account. Where was the chimney seen? Was he big or small? Was there smoke coming out of it or not? All of these things should be used for a detailed dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “chimney” – the general interpretation

If you look at the dream symbol “chimney” in general, it initially refers to the old one Wish, to escape from the everyday and mundane into heaven. Because true freedom is only possible there. In addition, the chimney in the dream indicates that the dreamer has experienced a change in status in the waking world. This can be seen as part of his maturation and growth process. Sometimes a dream chimney also symbolizes the dreamer’s feeling that he wants to free himself from everything that oppresses him.

The sight of many chimneys in a dream indicates unpleasant experiences in the dreamer’s life that will soon occur. The chimney of a factory as a dream symbol means, according to the general dream interpretation wealth and happy developments.

If the dreamer sees a chimney overgrown with ivy or vines in his dream, he is shown that the loss of family members will bring great happiness. The fire in a chimney in a dream symbolizes positive things for the dreamer.

Seeing a smoking chimney or a forge in a dream promises the dreamer the waking world good successes. This will also result in better earning opportunities.

However, if no smoke rises from the dream chimney, the dreamer can only expect success in the distant future. A collapsed chimney in a dream generally symbolizes family relationships Care forpossibly even a death in the family.

Dream symbol “chimney” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream symbol “chimney” and the smoke escaping from it become one Channeling represented by energy. The dreamer should become aware that he has the ability to concentrate his energy in the waking world. This allows him to put them into a productive form and use them for his purposes.

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the chimney of a factory as a dream symbol refers to exaggerated things sexual desires. The dreamer cannot control this well in waking life.

If the dreamer also sees heavy smoke coming from a factory chimney, he wants to hide the weak side of his character in the waking world and keep it secret from those around him.

Dream symbol “chimney” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets a chimney with smoke in a dream as a sign for one emotional abundance.

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