Chills – dream interpretation

Chills are often accompanied by a feverish illness. It can appear as a harbinger of such an illness as well as occur during the course of the disease, such as with smallpox or in the course of COVID-19.

However, behind the chills there is nothing more than a muscle tremor that is triggered by your own body. In this way he tries to combat the feeling of cold that has arisen, increase the body temperature and thus counteract the illness.

The chills can really shake a person. Chattering of teeth can usually be heard, which can be attributed to the loose attachment of the lower jaw to the head. This muscle tremor cannot be influenced voluntarily and so the chills cannot be counteracted. Since the chills are very strenuous, you usually fall into a deep sleep afterwards.

Dream symbol “chills” – the general interpretation

Seen from a general perspective, the chills in the dream symbolize one who is weakening health status. The dreamer should pause in the waking world and take care of his health.

If the sleeper has chills in his dream, he should be prepared for health problems. These must not be ignored or pushed aside, otherwise you will quickly become self-conscious load limit bump. This will only worsen your own condition. On the other hand, if you see a family member with chills, a surprising event will soon disrupt family harmony.

If the dreamer suffers from fever and chills in his dream, it is illustrated that he is in the waking world reckless behavior will hurt other people. According to general dream analysis, anyone who lies in their bed with chills while sleeping should do something about their lack of energy in their waking life. The admonition to give your body rest can also be hidden behind this dream image.

Dream symbol “chills” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, the dream symbol “chills”, if it appears in the dream in connection with a cold, can be seen as a sign of an internal one discontent be considered. The dreamer should find out the reason for this frustration in waking life, because only then will he achieve inner peace.

If the trigger for the chills is an illness in the dream, the dreamer should concern himself with his current life situation. Because here it seems Conflicts to give that burden his soul. If the dreamer has chills while sleeping because it is too cold for him, it would be advisable to deal with his emotional world. He shouldn’t suppress his emotions, but rather integrate them into his life.

If you drink tea in a dream to combat your chills, you should pay more attention to yourself and your health in your waking life.

For the psychological interpretation of dreams it is also of interest who has chills in the dream. For example, if you see your child with chills in a dream, you should become aware of the awakening of your own life forces. In this context, a number of other dream symbols are also interesting. The symbols “husband”, “parents”, “partner” and similar can also be helpful.

Dream symbol “chills” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “chills” as a request to the dreamer that he should take action in a certain matter “to wake up” should. He has already wasted too much time doing nothing on this matter and should therefore take care of it now. Only then will he be able to achieve spiritual clarity.

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