Children’s home – dream interpretation

The children’s home is a facility in which children who cannot live with their parents or families are accommodated. In the past, children’s homes were sometimes perceived as almost a kind of “children’s prison” in which strict rules and discipline prevailed. It is therefore probably not surprising that the children’s home was often called upon when threatened with punishment, in the sense of “If you don’t behave, you’ll go to a home!”.

Nowadays, however, children’s homes are no longer run in this way and the so-called home education has also developed from the classic form of the children’s home. In this form of education, children and young people receive educational support day and night in an institution in order to promote their development through targeted measures.

But why does a children’s home appear in a dream? Have we perhaps done something wrong and now see ourselves in a dream in a children’s home as punishment?

Dream symbol “children’s home” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis interprets the dream symbol “children’s home” to mean that the sleeper sees himself in the waking world as insignificant assessed. Because of this assessment, he is unable to take advantage of the opportunities offered for further development. His self-evaluation is usually based on misconduct in waking life.

Anyone who sees children in a home in their dream may feel excluded or rejected from the community in the real world. It would be advisable to delve deeper into these feelings and find out the reasons for them. If the dream is a child who lives in a children’s home, he will soon face a difficult situation worry-filled time before.

If you are taken to a children’s home by your parents in a dream, according to the general dream interpretation, this indicates a difficult or difficult situation distant relationship to the real parents. Escaping or running away from a children’s home in your sleep can indicate that you want to run away from something stressful in your waking life. The dreamer does not want to deal with a certain issue in his life.

Dream symbol “children’s home” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, the dream image of the children’s home can ask the dreamer to give their life more structure and Order admit. You may find yourself in a chaotic situation in your waking life. These now need to be sorted.

Taking care of children in a children’s home yourself can be seen as an attempt by the sleeper to keep the parts of him personality to heal those who have not been loved enough in the past. If the dream symbol “children’s home” is accompanied by a feeling of being trapped in the dream, then, according to psychological dream analysis, you should take more care of yourself. Rest and relaxation can be very helpful.

If the dreamer has to say goodbye to his familiar surroundings in the dream because he is being taken to a children’s home, he faces problems in reality Changes before. In doing so, he may have to give up some of the behaviors he has grown fond of.

Dream symbol “children’s home” – the spiritual interpretation

The children’s home as a dream image can be seen within the transcendent dream interpretation as a symbol of a feeling of spirituality Abandonment be considered.

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