Chewing gum – dream interpretation

The older ones of us certainly still remember the typical clacking noise: when the round chewing gum ball fell into the dispenser slot of the chewing gum machine after you had inserted a 10-pfennig piece and turned the lever all the way.

You could also buy chewing gum in the store, but not in the variety that we find in stores today. With or without sugar, from sweet to spicy, from fruity to tart, whether in strips, balls or dragees – chewing gum was and remains popular. They are also said to reduce stress, as constant chewing stimulates the nerves in the brain, which can have positive effects on concentration, relaxation and attention.

In dreams we can see chewing gum in different contexts. It also plays a role in the interpretation whether you or another person chewed chewing gum.

Dream symbol “chewing gum” – the general interpretation

From a general dream interpreter’s point of view, the dream image “chewing gum” wants to point out to the dreamer that there are events in his life that he would prefer to accept in silence. He may lack the strength or courage to open his mouth and say what he thinks. Chewing gum embodies the state of being in a dream endurance. Maybe you hope that things will sort themselves out somehow without you having to actively do anything about it. Because that is what the person concerned would prefer. Even if this silence would be disadvantageous for himself.

Anyone who chews chewing gum in a dream may be very busy thinking about and processing a problem in reality. The dreamer may also have received information or a message that is difficult for him to swallow. But maybe he was a little too cocky and overzealous in a certain matter Mouth too full taken. Now he realizes that it’s time to get down to business and that after the easily said words, actions have to follow.

What is horror in real life can also cause a moment of shock in dreams. Namely when we notice that chewing gum is stuck in our hair. The dream interpreters see this as a sign that the dreamer is constantly pondering whether other people consciously enjoy spreading negative things about him or speaking badly about him. Sometimes this dream experience also indicates that you are thinking about something rumor that was put into the world by others in real life. If you see a lollipop stick made of chewing gum in a dream, you will probably soon be able to claim a small success.

Dream symbol “chewing gum” – the psychological interpretation

If you see someone blowing bubble gum in the dreamed situation, then this gives up Schadenfreude and general carelessness. From a psychological perspective, this dream experience can also show that the person blowing the bubble gum believes that they are something better. The person may even be known for bragging and being condescending to other people. If the dreamer is the bubble maker himself, he should think about whether his behavior when dealing with other people is always friendly and respectful. Or whether there isn’t perhaps a tendency towards arrogance.

If you step on a piece of chewing gum in a dream, unpleasant things will soon happen to you The confrontation into the house. Even if the dreamer tries to evade them – the problems will not disappear from the scene. They’ll stick to him like the gum he stepped on. Until he realizes that he cannot run away from everything unpleasant or close his eyes.

Is the chewing gum stuck between the dreamer’s fingers and no matter what he tries, he can’t get rid of it? This possible dream experience also appears frequently and embodies feelings fainting and Frustration.

Dream symbol “chewing gum” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “chewing gum” represents one in the spiritual interpretation of dreams request represents. The dreaming should mentally flexible and don’t get stuck on old beliefs.

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