Chess – dream interpretation

Anyone who wants to play chess successfully must have a sharp mind and the ability to mentally put themselves in their opponent’s shoes in order to analyze the moves they make. Chess is also called the “game of kings”. The goal is to understand what intentions the other person is pursuing. Does the opponent want to attack or does he play strategically first in order to say “checkmate” at a later point in time?

Patience is required in chess. Good chess players are able to plan many moves in advance, always keeping an eye on the current moves and changing the planned plan if necessary.

When we play chess in a dream, dream interpretation often has a direct connection to business matters in real life. What is important is whether we see individual chess pieces in the dream or just a single chess board with the typical pattern. Among these pieces can be a pawn, a bishop, a knight in the form of a horse, the rook, the queen or the king.

Dream symbol “chess” – the general interpretation

Playing chess in a dream generally represents the conflict between good and evil. For the dreamer, this can raise the question of which side he is on in an actual conflict situation and whether he is even aware of this tense situation.

In connection with contentious matters, the dream image “chess” can also indicate the need to Strategies to develop. These can be very helpful to the dreamer in solving problematic issues and also help them to recognize and avoid conflicts at an early stage in the future.

If you see a chess game with chess pieces in front of you in a dream, this dream situation warns the dreamer considered action. He should definitely avoid hasty or spontaneous decisions. From the point of view of general dream interpreters, playing chess in the dream world promises the dreamer a clever business partner. His acquaintance could be of great benefit to him.

However, another interpretation of this dream scene says that one should beware of failures in business matters. If you are too careless here, you have to go with it losses that can quickly bring the overall success to a standstill.

Playing chess in the dream world and winning is also critically analyzed by dream researchers. You may be too naive on a professional level and therefore do not recognize opportunities that are opening up in front of you in a timely manner.

On the other hand, losing a game of chess gives notice Success and financial gains which is mainly thanks to the help of a clever and helpful colleague.

Dream symbol “chess” – the psychological interpretation

If the dreamer plays a game of chess in the dream, from a psychological point of view he follows in the real world hopeless goal. The dream situation should make him aware that he lacks both the necessary knowledge and the necessary relationships to successfully implement his project.

Being excellent at a game of chess indicates sharpness and quick comprehension. However, the dreamer uses these skills far too little. Therefore, he rarely achieves what his potential would allow him to achieve.

In a dream it can also happen that you are very emotionally upset during a game of chess and perhaps even angrily sweep the chess pieces off the board. Have you experienced such a situation in a dream? Then you would do well to get yours in the near future impulsiveness to rein in a little in waking life. Otherwise, friends and acquaintances could quickly feel offended.

Dream symbol “chess” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual interpretation approach understands the dream image “chess” as one symbolic conflict between good and evil forces.

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