Changing jobs – dream interpretation

Changing jobs can bring a lot of excitement. Something new begins with all its unpredictability. Despite all the joy at the new beginning, you also ask yourself whether it was the right decision.

Many people are looking for a new job. Whether an adult, a young person who is still attending school and wants to work during the summer holidays, a student who is earning a living while studying, or someone in training: the job must above all have attractive pay and working hours be compatible with your lifestyle. Information about vacancies can be obtained, for example, from a job board, newspaper advertisements or recommendations. Sometimes people only look for a job for a short-term internship in order to gain professional experience and fill out their resume. Basically, a job change or job search is often preceded by writing an application and a personal introduction to the company.

What does the dream symbol want to tell you when you dream of changing jobs? What significance does it have in dream interpretation?

Dream symbol “job change” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “change of job” points the dreaming to his Wish to be successful in the waking world through your own efforts. He doesn’t want to be too dependent on others. If the dreamer is looking for work in order to change his job in the dream, he can look forward to financial income from a surprising meeting in the waking world.

If the dream symbol “job change” appears to the dreamer even though he is satisfied in real life, this can be seen as one request be understood. The dreamer should ask himself whether he is actually satisfied with his current life. He may not have been aware of his frustration until now and this is now expressed in a dream by changing jobs. However, in the waking world, the dream symbol does not necessarily have to focus only on the professional area. The cause can also be found in private life.

According to the general dream interpretation, if changing jobs is accompanied by a feeling of dissatisfaction as a dream symbol urgent need for action offered. The dreamer wants a change in one area of ​​life in waking life. He shouldn’t put this off any longer.

If the dreamer observes another person changing jobs in the dream, this indicates Them or negative feelings towards this person in waking life. The dreamer doesn’t really want to have anything to do with this person.

If the dreamer feels strong feelings of fear when changing jobs in the dream, this often occurs in the waking world no power for changes. Out of fear, he leaves everything as it is, even though he does the most harm to himself.

Dream symbol “job change” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, on the one hand, the dream symbol “job change” can be one concrete cause because the dream is about to change his job or apply for a job. While he sleeps, his subconscious continues to think about the upcoming job change in the waking world.

On the other hand, the dream symbol “change of job” can ask the dreamer to stop wasting time. He should finally think about his goals in life and then start taking action.

Sometimes changing jobs as a dream symbol can also indicate desired changes in the dreamer’s personality. The dreamer may be unhappy with his attitude in a certain area and wants to work on himself to change it.

Dream symbol “job change” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual side of dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “job change” as a sign of deprivation and hardships of the dreamer in order to realize oneself.

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