Chalice – dream interpretation

A chalice is a drinking vessel without a lid and without a handle. It consists of a bowl, a slender stem and a usually round base. In the Catholic Church, the chalice is used during Holy Mass, especially during consecration and communion. During the preparation of the gifts, water is added to the wine with the wine; in conjunction with a host, this symbolizes the last time of Jesus with his disciples. Drinking from the cup together is intended to illustrate the fellowship of the Lord’s Supper.

A chalice is usually made of a valuable metal, such as brass or silver, and is often decorated with Christian or artistic ornaments and symbols.

For the exact interpretation of the dream, it is crucial how the dream symbol “cup” appears to the dreamer.

Dream symbol “cup” – the general interpretation

The cup has a strong religious meaning, which can also indicate in a dream that it is about something Unattainable something that can only be achieved with great effort. The cup also symbolizes the connection to the heart and thus to the elixir of life, blood, which is represented in the cup by wine.

According to the general interpretation of dreams, the dream image “cup” can reflect a difficult problem in the life of the dreamer, which affects him a lot Kraft and Endurance will cost. A solution is uncertain and he must expect that this could cause him great pain and suffering. Breaking or dropping a cup is also associated with a rather negative effect in dream analysis and usually heralds bad news.

If the dreamer drinks from a cup, this promises him joy and a peaceful and contented life. However, the cup can also symbolize something legal. It may be an official or judicial issue decisions in which the dreamer will gain advantages, but these will come at the expense of other people.

Dream symbol “cup” – the psychological interpretation

The cup symbolizes this in the psychological interpretation of dreams Female or the maternal. Depending on the content of the dream, the dreamer may tend to escape reality.

The liquid in the cup represents human emotions and illustrates that in life you often have to swallow bitter truths before you can develop further. Sometimes it is the painful experiences that shape us as humans and from which we can emerge stronger if we do not refuse what life demands of us.

Here too there is a close connection with the cup of communion. Anyone who is willing to surrender to suffering will experience healing. Translated to today’s life, the dream image “cup” wants to give the dreamer the Hope to believe in yourself and not to lose courage even in difficult phases of life and to trust that every bitter end can be a new beginning.

Dream symbol “cup” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level of dream interpretation, the dream image “cup” symbolizes femininity and stands for the element of water.

The cup can catch, preserve, hold and pass on and is the symbol for inexhaustible source and abundance.

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