Caterpillar – dream interpretation

Caterpillars are fascinating, quite ambivalent animals. Who hasn’t tried as a child to catch these little creatures and keep them in a preserving jar until they pupate so that they can observe the metamorphosis? Their shape and the way they move make them seem very special and interesting.

Many of them have exciting patterns or what appear to be eyes that are intended to scare predators, but are actually just colorful spots. Some are covered with lots of little hairs, which can hurt when touched, or have small horns on their bodies.

Gardeners and farmers often see them less as a research object to be watched with excitement and more as a pest and vermin that needs to be killed. The caterpillars of many beautiful butterflies, such as the cabbage white butterfly, feed on crops and can endanger an entire harvest. Many a tree is also eaten bare by voracious caterpillars. Caterpillars can also be farm animals themselves: people have been keeping silkworms for thousands of years in order to extract valuable silk from their cocoons.

All in all, the caterpillar is an animal that symbolizes transformation, the transition from one state to the other, like no other.

The term “caterpillar” is sometimes used as an abbreviation for a tracked vehicle. If you have dreamed about this military or construction vehicle, you can find the appropriate interpretation under crawler tractor.

A caterpillar crawls leisurely through many a dream. It can be particularly noticeable due to one characteristic. Maybe it’s very large or brightly colored. Sometimes she turns into a butterfly. Read here what all this can mean for the waking world:

Dream symbol “caterpillar” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Miraculous transformation in a dream: from caterpillar to butterfly

If you see a caterpillar turning into a butterfly in a dream, a big change is coming. The transformation is a dream symbol for special events in your life. There may be something inside you that wants to come out. Untapped potential could be your key to more freedom and independence. Another dream interpretation sees the transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly as a harbinger of loss. Someone has moved away from you unnoticed and will soon disappear from your life.

Oh scary! Anxiety dreams with a caterpillar

Gigantic – dream analysis of a huge caterpillar

If an oversized caterpillar crawls through your dream, it is certainly frightening or disgusting at first. For the waking world it can really be a bad harbinger. Someone or even you have been holding on to something for too long. Now it’s enough. Escalation and arguments are just around the corner.

Ouch! Nightmare of a caterpillar bite

Various animal bites occur in dreams. Being bitten by a caterpillar or larva is somewhat unusual. Still, sometimes it happens. The caterpillar bite heralds a time of conflict. Be careful in your professional and private life! There is a good chance that someone will misunderstand you and get angry.

Beware of poisonous caterpillars! A fear dream

When encountering a poisonous caterpillar, the classic dream interpretation assumes an intrigue. The poison indicates people who have a secret from you. This could be a problem for you. Strive for open discussions. If someone seems to be hiding something, follow up immediately.

Caterpillars under the skin – a disgusting fear dream

As much as it may frighten the dreamer, a caterpillar under the skin is often not a bad sign. The psychological interpretation of dreams sees this as a sign that you are taking something very seriously: something is “getting under your skin”. Another person may also come very close to you. If it makes you uncomfortable, it’s better to keep your distance. In dreams, other insects can also be under the skin.

The worm under the skin is a very similar dream symbol. Like the caterpillar under the skin, it can be a harbinger of illness. It is unclear whether these will be more physical or psychological in nature.

Unexpected meal in a dream: The caterpillar in the mouth

You can easily do without this nightmare: there is a caterpillar in your own mouth. She should get out of there again! That’s exactly what this dream experience wants to point out: There’s something on the tip of your tongue that you should say. For some reason you kept putting it off. Now is the time to get rid of it. Dreaming of a caterpillar in your mouth can also herald a streak of bad luck. Similar to a spider or maggot in the mouth, this dream image warns of long-term misfortune.

The color of the caterpillar in the dream world

Well camouflaged: dream interpretation of a green caterpillar

Did the caterpillar in your dream have a color that particularly caught your eye? Then this also has an influence on the dream analysis. In the case of a green caterpillar, the dream interpretation assumes that it is a messenger of good luck. Green is the color of spring and hope for the positive in life. The green caterpillar heralds luck and wealth, even if you can’t imagine it at the moment. Nobody would suspect a butterfly behind a small, fat caterpillar!

What does a black caterpillar mean in a dream?

If the caterpillar in the dream world is black, the dreamer should be made aware of something hidden. There is something within you that wants to unfold. A skill or idea wants to emerge. The black caterpillar indicates that it may be time to make a change in your life.

Unusual encounter with a white caterpillar in a dream

A small larva in itself appears very vulnerable. The white color further emphasizes this property. The dream symbol of the white caterpillar draws the dreamer’s attention to a sore spot. Perhaps there are further clues in your dream image as to what it could be? Be careful and take good care of yourself in the near future.

Dream symbol “caterpillar” – the general interpretation

The caterpillar in a dream very often represents transformation. If it crawls through the dream, it announces a change; if it pupates, it sets up a clue untapped potential that will perhaps soon come to fruition. The cocoon can also soon events generally symbolize things that are slowly becoming apparent, whether they are of a positive or negative nature.

It is possible that a situation or even a friend or acquaintance of the dreamer will turn out to be completely different than he imagined. The dream’s reference to other people can also be of a less positive nature. Seeing many caterpillars sometimes means that the dreamer is in front of others beware should because they turn out to be not so friendly or beneficial.

If, on the other hand, the dreamer catches or kills the caterpillars, this indicates that he will overcome envious people or other enemies and will not allow himself to be intimidated by them.

Caterpillars, which are observed eating individually or in large numbers by the dreamer, represent hostilities and Streit. He may have devious people around him that he needs to be wary of, so he should not enter into a deal that he cannot fully understand.

The eating caterpillars can also do one disappointment symbolize because the hoped-for success, the reward for the effort, is not achieved, be it professionally or in a romantic relationship. The caterpillar as a pest also represents one warningthat material possessions and property should not be overvalued. Material goods can easily be damaged or lost, one should not set one’s heart on them.

Dream symbol “caterpillar” – the psychological interpretation

From a depth psychological perspective, the caterpillar symbolizes this Unfinished, in the process of transformation. The dreamer has not yet developed certain characteristics that lie dormant within him or has not yet discovered his potential. Maybe he is currently a bit at a loss as to which direction he would like to develop in or what life could have in store for him.

The dream may also show fears indicates that a situation or people will develop completely differently than the dreamer would like. However, the caterpillar as a preliminary stage of the butterfly, which brings lightness and joy, also dazzling beauty, points to this Hope hin:

Everything is turning out well, although it may still take some time.

Dream symbol “caterpillar” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual interpretation, the caterpillar also stands for undiscovered possibilities Development potential. You have spiritual abilities or steps on the path to becoming conscious that you still have to discover.

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