Castration – dream interpretation

Castration means emasculation through the amputation of the penis, i.e. the complete removal, or of the testicles as part of the male genitalia. Reproduction is therefore permanently impossible. Circumcision, on the other hand, only involves the partial or complete separation of the foreskin from the shaft of the penis, usually for cultural or religious reasons.

In Greek mythology, the god Uranus was emasculated by one of his sons. In medieval law, emasculation as a punishment for moral crimes did occur, but was rarely used. In most cases, specially made cutting tools were used for such operations.

In Germany, brutal punishment was introduced into criminal law against “habitual criminals” at the beginning of the Third Reich in 1933 and was abolished again after the end of the war in 1946. The desire to punish someone so drastically and bloodily usually arises after very serious crimes that have a particularly strong emotional impact on people.

When we think of castration today, we usually think of a harem. In ancient times, the eunuch guarded a chief’s wives – he was castrated and therefore not considered a rival by the ruler. On the contrary, a reliable eunuch often enjoyed a high level of recognition.

A dream that involves emasculation is certainly a disturbing experience for the dreamer. Sterilization can also be interpreted as emasculation in a dream. The violent process must be viewed as a dream symbol in dream interpretation for a better understanding of the entire dream event:

Is the dreamer the one who is emasculated, or does he perhaps carry out the act himself on another person? Animals can also be castrated in reality and in dreams, the most common being the dog or the cat. But also horses: the gelding is a castrated stallion. A castrated male cow is called an ox.

Therefore, when interpreting it, it should also be taken into account who or what was castrated in the dream. Pay attention to the feelings you felt after waking up remembering the dream and include these in the dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “castration” – the general interpretation

If the dream symbol “castration” appears in a dream, experience shows that it contains very strong feelings. For a man, such a dream is usually so disturbing or worrying that it can even be called a nightmare.

Within the general interpretation of dreams, however, there are many symbols for the phallus, i.e. the penis: cutting off one’s tie, biting off a banana, tearing down a spire or losing arm wrestling in a dream can also be symbolically interpreted as castration. That’s why it’s very important for the dreamer to also include the connections and emotions in the dream.

The dream symbol “castration” can be used in general dream interpretation worst fears of a dreaming person. On the one hand, this can be interpreted in a sexual direction. The dreamer fears becoming impotent or not being able to satisfy a woman sexually.

On the other hand, this dream symbol can show the dreamer’s fear that he will lose his power and strength in the waking world. Castration in a dream can happen to you attack Point out your own masculinity in professional or sporting relationships. Furthermore, it can also be understood as the fear of an enemy.

Sometimes, according to the general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “castration” gives an indication of the wishes and desires, which the dreamer should say goodbye to in the waking world. Because these cannot be achieved and further holding on would make little sense. Likewise, in the dream of removing the penis – the “cock” – problems can manifest themselves in a real relationship in which one may feel trapped and from which one can free oneself through the act of violence.

Dream symbol “castration” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “castration” symbolizes Feelings of guilt of the dreamer. He may also be questioning his own worth. The dreamer may fear that in the waking world he is too old, unattractive, attractive or potent. In short: as male dreamer You are probably afraid of losing your virility and potency if you dream of being castrated.

Most of the time, castration in the dream also indicates general repressed feelings Drive needs there. It can also be interpreted as a sign of rejection of the partner or sexuality.

In some cases, according to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “castration” can show the sleeper that it is difficult for him to separate his male and female Personality parts to reconcile. After all, men also have feminine traits within them, which they express to a weaker or stronger extent. When such “feminine” feelings are repressed, internal conflicts can arise that the dreamer first has to process.

When a Frau Dreaming of castrating a man, according to the psychological approach of dream analysis, is an indication of your desire to subjugate a man from your environment. This can be your partner or husband, but also your boss or work colleague, who appears very bossy and controlling.

Dream symbol “castration” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, emasculation is the dream symbol for the Willingness to sacrifice of the dreamer. In dream interpretation, such a dream means the willingness to subordinate sexuality to spirituality.

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