Cash register – dream interpretation

We can store our money in a cash register. For some it also serves as another version of a piggy bank. A cash register is necessary in retail in order to be able to settle accounts properly at the end of the day or a shift and to be able to transfer and document the income and expenses in the accounting department.

In the past, mechanical cash registers were used that were opened manually using a crank in order to withdraw money. A receipt was written out by hand if the customer requested it. Modern devices are now digital; each individual product price is often scanned using barcodes, all prices are then automatically added up and the cash register is opened for the cashier at the end of the payment process. A printed receipt confirms the bookings.

What does the cash register symbolize in a dream? What does the dream symbol “cash register” want to tell you?

Dream symbol “cash register” – the general interpretation

In general, the dream symbol “cash register” reminds the dreamer to Money matters to be careful. He should beware of debts in the waking world and not lend money to anyone else, no matter how trustworthy.

If the dreamer sees an empty cash register in the dream, he can expect something surprising in his waking life Profit be happy. This can also mean the payment of an outstanding debt that the dreamer no longer expected.

In general dream interpretation, a shop cash register filled with coins (whether gold coins or silver coins) in a dream illustrates a rich merchant or dealer as a husband or a wealthy woman as a wife. An empty cash register, on the other hand, warns the dreamer of hypocritical employees.

If the dreamer counts the contents of a cash register in the dream, the general interpretation of the dream means that he will be restricted in the waking world and his Reduce expenses should.

Reading in the newspaper about the theft of a cash register in a dream is interpreted as a warning to the dreamer to be careful in the future. In particular, he should think carefully about upcoming expenses. If the dreamer enters the vault of a cash register that is located underground while sleeping, the general dream interpretation means that he will soon find out an important secret in the waking world.

Dream symbol “cash register” – the psychological interpretation

First and foremost, the dream symbol “cash register” represents a safe storage option for money. The psychological dream interpretation interprets the cash register in the dream as the Angst of the dreamer, literally in the waking world “to be asked to pay”. This means he fears unexpected expenses.

The dream symbol “cash register” can also be a sign of self-indulgence and excessive greed can be interpreted, especially if the dreamer hoards his money in a cash register in the dream.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, an empty cash register in a dream symbolizes, on the one hand, a momentary emptiness in the relationships with the dreamer’s environment, and on the other hand, it also represents possible income in the near future.

If the dreamer counts his money in the dream cash register, his unconscious shows him that in the waking world he does not know exactly in which direction he should develop further. Besides, his will be Hesitate aware of large expenses. The dreamer would rather keep his assets together.

If the dreamer puts money in a cash register in the dream, this shows him that he wants to keep his money safe. He would also prefer to save money in order to obtain greater utility value.

Dream symbol “cash register” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the cash register in the dream symbolizes the dreamer’s accumulated money spiritual strength reservewhich he saved for later use.

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