Cart – dream interpretation

A cart usually serves you well because you can use it to transport all kinds of things in the easiest way. Whether it’s a sack truck, wheelbarrow or hand truck – what they all have in common is that they are simple means of transport on wheels that can be moved by people. Of course, there are also carts that are pulled by animals with a yoke. However, these are usually much larger carts and human strength alone would no longer be sufficient to move them. Thanks to the drawbar, which was and is found on such animal carts, the entire loading area can be tilted – practical for unloading the transported goods.

The term “old cart” is also known colloquially, which refers to an old and rather outdated car. The cart can also be found in many sayings. “To drive someone into the car” or “to drive someone into the wall” are certainly well-known statements for most people.

Now the cart can also appear in very different forms in dreams, but what does that say about the dreamer?

Dream symbol “cart” – the general interpretation

If you pull a fully loaded cart behind you in your dream, according to general dream interpretation, this is an expression that the dreamer has to put in a lot of effort for a project or an issue, but that this will be rewarded with success in the end.

Things look different when the cart is visibly loaded with heavy stones. No matter how hard the person concerned tries, the chances of getting the reward they deserve for their efforts are slim.

However, according to general dream interpretation, the fully loaded cart is also fundamentally a symbol of Care for viewed in the life of the dreamer. These can be at work or in private life and can be so overwhelming that he feels the burden is just as heavy as the load in the cart.

It can be interpreted positively if you ride a cart yourself in the dream. This promises successes in different areas. If love matters are going haywire and the dreamer sees himself and the person he loves driving together in a cart, he doesn’t need to worry about the relationship. The current turmoil will subside and we will work on the relationship together and find a way to deal with the problems. Envious people or schemers have no chance here.

Dream symbol “cart” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological dream interpretation, anyone who dreams of a cart, especially if it is heavily loaded, should definitely pay attention to their own resilience. You may know the expression “pull the cart out of the mud”.

It is possible that the dreamer always loads himself too much Ballast from others, takes on tasks and duties that are not actually your own. Although this is honorable and a good character trait, it can also quickly push you to your limits or even beyond them.

The dreamer should try, if possible, to remember the exact dream experience with the cart. If he pulls it with a heavy load and feels strong and good, this can also make him understand that there is enough within him Kraft to take on difficult things.

But if he struggles, struggles and can hardly move with the cart, he should try to slow down a little and stop jumping to the side of everyone who needs help. Sometimes things just get lost and perhaps we should accept this and not try at all costs to save something that can no longer be saved.

Dream symbol “cart” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “cart” symbolizes one on a spiritual level Blockade of spiritual energy and requires the dreamer to work more consciously towards their own strength.

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