Carnelian – dream interpretation

Carnelian is a quartz and represents a so-called variety of chalcedony, similar to jasper. Its color spectrum ranges from various shades of brown to pink and orange to red. There are both plain and striped or spotted specimens.

Already in ancient times, carnelian was valued as a decorative stone and as a healing or energy stone. In the Middle Ages, carnelian jewelry was often worn because it was supposed to protect against enchantment. Hildegard von Bingen even considered carnelian to be one of the most important healing stones. Because it is said to be helpful against headaches, bleeding and colds. It is also said to have a strengthening effect on the immune system.

But what can carnelian mean as a dream symbol? You can find out what message he can have for you in the following article.

Dream symbol “carnelian” – the general interpretation

The general dream analysis sees the dream image “carnelian” primarily as an indication of the energy of love. The dream should be shown through his dream that he has a great deal in his waking life due to his feelings inner strength and knows how to use it.

Anyone who calls a carnelian their property in their dream will probably soon achieve fame and honor in the waking world. If the dreamer receives something made of carnelian as a gift while sleeping, he may soon face some changes in his life.

Wearing carnelian jewelry as a dream symbol can often warn against overestimating oneself. Modesty and less selfish behavior would be more appropriate.

If you find carnelian in a dream, you can generally look forward to favorable developments in the waking world. Losing such a gemstone, on the other hand, can bring humiliation and insults.

Dream symbol “carnelian” – the psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream interpretation, carnelian can be used in dreams for Friendship and health. Anyone who sees him in his dream should often realize that he is courageous and looks to the future with self-confidence.

If you wear a ring with a carnelian on your finger while you sleep, you will appear reliable and loyal in interpersonal relationships. A chain with a carnelian pendant often symbolizes a dream image Taskwhich is perceived as a burden and which the dreamer will bravely face.

The color of carnelian in the dream also plays an important role in the psychological interpretation of dreams. This should also be taken into account for the design. The dream symbol “colors” can be helpful.

As a dream symbol, a red carnelian can also be reminiscent of blood and therefore refer to it life force of the dreaming. In waking life he should probably think about what he wants to put his energy into.

Dream symbol “carnelian” – the spiritual interpretation

From a spiritual point of view, the dream symbol “carnelian” gives the dreamer the invitation to deal with his understanding of love to deal with. In the waking world he should also be aware of how he can express these to others.

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