Capers – dream interpretation

Capers are the pickled flower buds of the caper bush. Since ancient times, capers have been used as a spicy cooking ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. They are also considered medicinal and even an aphrodisiac.

But why does the dream symbol “capers” appear to us in dreams? What does this mean to point out? Do we perhaps long for healing? Or is the desire for sexual fulfillment the main focus? When interpreting the dream image “capers”, the accompanying circumstances are also of particular importance. Because this can lead to further perspectives.

PS: If you dreamed of hijacking a ship, i.e. the usually violent takeover by pirates and other criminals, you should visit our article on the dream symbol “capture”. Because the term “caper” comes from the word “catch”.

Dream symbol “capers” – the general interpretation

The dream symbol “capers” usually brings happy and happy times with yourself. A new love relationship can also be heralded by the dream of capers. Anyone who eats capers in their dream will soon have new experiences in the waking world. These will be pleasant for the dreamer and he will become aware of his spiritual values.

If the dreamer cooks with capers in the dream, he will become one in the waking world new task receive, which will develop advantageously for him. In this context, according to general dream interpretation, it is also important what kind of dish is cooked with capers. Because this can offer further important content for the interpretation of the dream. For example, if a pasta dish with capers is cooked in a dream, the aspects of the dream symbol “pasta” should also be taken into account. Dumplings with caper sauce usually represent a good income in the waking world.

If you don’t like the capers in your dream, you can get a hint of your own arrogance or you have to come to terms with something in your waking life that you find disgusting. However, if the dreamer tastes the caper dish in his dream, he can be happy about one good state of health be happy.

Dream symbol “capers” – the psychological interpretation

The dream image of capers can be interpreted as a flower bud within the psychological interpretation of dreams new ways of thinking and point out ideas. The dreamer will develop these in the waking world. Because until now he was not yet fully aware of his own intellectual potential. This realization is often accompanied by a change in lifestyle. The sleeper is ready for new experiences, which also require a certain change in the previous life situation.

If the sleeper does not want to eat capers in the dream, it should be shown to him that he is not yet ready for certain changes in his waking life. He first has to overcome many inner obstacles in order to face new insights.

Anyone who likes to eat a caper dish in their dream should indicate their willingness to receive spiritual nourishment be aware. The dreamer is able to expand his horizons in the waking world. This can happen in both private and professional areas.

Dream symbol “capers” – the spiritual interpretation

The symbol “caper” refers to the transcendent level of dream analysis Possibilitieswhich unfold before the dreamer in the spiritual area and which he should also use.

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