Cannon thunder – dream interpretation

We people here in Germany and neighboring countries can consider ourselves lucky that we rarely have to hear the sound of cannons. But when there is a bang, it is usually a salute that is fired during state visits, in the military or in honor of the new shooting queen.

These cannons are usually historical cannons and instead of using real bullets as ammunition, they only use blank cartridges filled with black powder – which, however, is quite close to the volume of a real bullet cannon thunder.

However, this looked very different during the war and, unfortunately, is still a terrible everyday occurrence in many countries around the world today. People who have experienced war or are still experiencing war are often extremely traumatized and violence, gunshots and even the thunder of cannons often haunt them right into their dreams.

But even people without this background can hear cannons thundering in their dreams and this does not always have to be interpreted negatively.

Dream symbol “cannon thunder” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, if you hear cannons thundering in your dream at night, this can be a clear indication that you will soon have very pleasant and pleasant things to do positive news can count. Nevertheless, the roar of cannons is also the sound of a weapon that was used for war purposes.

Depending on the exact dream content, this can also be a problem for the dreamer Caution warn and ask him to be careful and carefully observe what is happening around him. Because here even a little negligence can cause great damage.

If you follow the somewhat older interpretation of this dream symbol, it prophesies marriage to a soldier for a woman who dreams of the thunder of cannons. However, he will go to war to fight for his fatherland. Today this interpretation is rather unlikely, but it can be transferred: the future person will rarely be at home. This may have something to do with his job.

If you can clearly recognize the thunder of cannons in the dream as a salute, then from the perspective of dream research the dreamer will achieve great power.

Dream symbol “cannon thunder” – the psychological interpretation

If you look at the dream image of cannons thundering from a psychological perspective, you can associate it with strong and powerful energies. Perhaps the dreamer himself triggers the cannon thunder in his dream world, which could indicate that he is currently very awake even in his waking state energetic is.

The roar of the cannons audibly releases a huge amount of power. This has a very close connection to dream interpretation sexuality. Living and feeling it arises from a primal instinct and is a basic need of every human being, which, however, is expressed differently in each person.

The dream of cannon thunder can indicate a strong need for lived sexuality and… sensuality show on the dream level. Perhaps the dreamer has never been able to do this before or he has refused these urges within himself. Through his dream experience, his body shows him that it is necessary to pay more attention to his needs, to give his sexuality more (play) space and to live out his dreams.

However, if you experience the thunder of cannons in a dream against the background of a real theater of war, the traumatic burden of this event on the dreamer becomes clear. If he feels very burdened by this because such dreams may occur frequently, he should not be afraid to seek therapeutic help that can help him cope with the trauma.

Dream symbol “cannon thunder” – the spiritual interpretation

In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol “cannon thunder” represents primal force and the spiritual power.

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