Canister – dream interpretation

The job of a canister is primarily to store and transport a liquid. In the past, canisters were primarily made of metal, but nowadays plastic is also used.

Canisters also have carrying handles and one or more closures for easier handling. For possible practical storage and to store large quantities of containers in a space-saving manner, a cuboid shape has usually become established.

However, not every liquid should be stored in every canister, as this can lead to unpleasant surprises or reactions. For example, gasoline cans are either made of metal or a plastic that is unsuitable for food. Food canisters, on the other hand, are made of a special plastic that can dissolve when exposed to certain pungent liquids.

In addition to the shape, the contents of the canister can also play an important role in dream interpretation. Therefore, if possible, this should be used for the design.

Dream symbol “canister” – the general interpretation

Viewed from a general point of view, the dream symbol “canister” can be a sign of Security represent in material things. If the dreamer fills a canister in his dream, he usually wants to be protected in this area.

If the dreamer seals a liquid in a canister, this can be a Secret illustrate what he wants to hide from others in the waking world. On the other hand, if he opens the canister cap, the person concerned will probably uncover the secret nature of a friend.

According to the general dream interpretation, a full canister in a dream symbolizes wealth and success. But anyone who sees an empty canister as a dream image is often faced with disappointments, failures and losses.

The shape of the container should also be taken into account for the general design. The dream symbol “geometric” can also be helpful here. For example, a square canister can indicate that the dreamer will successfully complete his tasks in the waking world.

Dream symbol “canister” – the psychological interpretation

Psychologically speaking, a canister in a dream can refer to the Character traits of the dreaming. It would be advisable for those affected to consciously deal with these in order to fully exploit their possibilities in the waking world.

The sight of a canister of water as a dream image can indicate the dreamer’s desire for inner cleansing. A fuel tank with gasoline often symbolizes the sleeper’s desire for one refreshing his mental powers. Canisters in a dream that are filled with oil can be understood as an expression of the dreamer’s longing for harmony.

If the sleeper sees himself filling up a gasoline can at a gas station in his dream, this can often refer to his desire to fulfill his needs Forces to recharge. Peace and relaxation could be a good option here.

According to psychological dream analysis, if you fill gasoline from a canister into a tank, such as that of a car or a lawnmower, in your sleep, you will in many cases get it admonitionto use one’s energies in a targeted manner in waking life.

Dream symbol “canister” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation sees the dream symbol “canister” in the sense of a vessel, which is why such a dream refers to the Receptivity of the dreamer in spiritual matters.

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