Canary – dream interpretation

Canaries are one of the most popular pets in our society. Many people, especially single people, appreciate not being completely alone when they come home in the evening. At the same time, a canary does not require a lot of time commitment and is therefore comparatively easy to keep.

It can also happen that people dream about this animal. You either see a canary, buy it or give it as a gift, or hear it singing in your dream.

The interpretation of these dreams can be very varied, depending on the exact circumstances in the dream.

Dream symbol “canary” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, the dream symbol “canary” is often a positive sign. Whoever sees the bird in a dream will be in the near future new friends find. At the same time it refers to a home in which the dreamer feels comfortable.

Hearing a canary often symbolizes the beginning of a happy, balanced time. The person affected can look forward to wonderful experiences and, if they are single, they may soon find a wedding partner.

In addition, owning or singing a canary can also professional successes and even wealth promised. This is particularly true if the dreamer is a young person, or if the canary in the dream is in a luxurious apartment. A favorable inheritance is often heralded by a canary that is given to the person concerned.

However, anyone who gives such an animal as a gift in a dream should be careful disappointments set. Even if the bird is particularly brightly colored or even dies in the dream, this indicates that certain wishes of the dreamer will not come true. Rather, he threatens to fall for false promises. He should definitely try not to get his hopes up too high about certain things and, moreover, always question the intentions of those around him. This is the only way to recognize which people really have good intentions.

Dream symbol “canary” – the psychological interpretation

According to psychological opinion, the canary often symbolizes one in dreams inner loneliness of the person affected. He feels alone in life and longs for friendship, love and security.

At the same time, dreams about canaries also represent the feeling of Unfreedom and control. The dreamer subconsciously feels restricted by a certain aspect of his everyday life and believes that he cannot develop freely.

He also has difficulty trusting others and relinquishing some control. Under no circumstances does he want his life to be influenced by a stranger or not to be able to be himself. It is important to be aware of these problems and work on them.

Dream symbol “canary” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, canaries in dreams reflect the Soul of the dreaming, which is dominated by different emotions.

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