Camp – dream interpretation

A camp is usually a special place where several people are temporarily housed, for example refugees who need accommodation after emigrating from their homeland.

As a rule, this is a short-term dwelling that is designed to be quickly assembled and dismantled. These can be tent camps, which are usually used for vacation purposes, or refugee camps and soldier camps that are set up in times of crisis. There is also a permanent storage room, a depot and a pantry, for example, where preserved foods, rice and long-lasting items are stored. Forklifts move pallets and heavy boxes from A to B in a spacious warehouse.

In the past, a person’s bed for the night was generally referred to as a camp. This meant the place where someone wanted to lie down for the night. This term is still used today in the language of hunters for the resting place of various wild animals. Camps of different types can also be encountered by dreamers in the dream world.

Dream symbol “camp” – the general interpretation

The exact interpretation of the dream depends very much on the use of the dreamed camp. If it is a field camp with soldiers, then this dream image is included bad times and associated with great worries. A tent camp indicates that many of the friends will be moving. In addition, it does not herald a good future for the dreamer, but rather Problems and difficulties that will make life difficult.

If the dreamed camp is in the open air, it will be closed Changes come in the life of the dreamer. Often the dreamer also becomes one Travel do, which will be very long and tiring. Another interpretation interprets the camp in the open air as the carelessness of the dreamer, which will not harm him.

The camp often has a special meaning in women’s dreams. If the dreamer is in a camp, there will be difficulties in coordinating the wedding date. If she is in a military camp, then she is Wedding close and the future husband will prove to be a good choice. However, if the woman is already married and dreams that she is in a soldier’s camp, there may be a divorce or great difficulties in the marriage.

If a barracks is seen as a warehouse in a dream, this can refer to discipline, but also subordination in waking life. As a dream image, an ammunition depot can often refer to usable energy reserves.

Dream symbol “camp” – the psychological interpretation

In psychological dream interpretation, the camp is interpreted as an indication of major problems in waking life. If the dream is in a prison or refugee camp, it can Prejudices from which the dreamer has to suffer in the waking world.

However, if it is a leisure or holiday camp, then the dream interpretation is positive. The dreamer wants to escape loneliness and longs for something happier Gesellschaft and harmony.

Dream symbol “camp” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream interpretation, the camp indicates a temporary one spiritual abode in the development of the dreamer.

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