Calf – dream interpretation

Many people find calves very cute. The young animals of cattle, deer, elephants, giraffes, hippos, whales and manatees are called this way. They often radiate something innocent, inexperienced, but also in need of protection. It can also happen that people dream of a calf. In these dreams they see one, feed it or play with it. The dream symbol appears very often, especially among mothers or fathers of children. Interpretations of this may vary.

Dream symbol “calf” – the general interpretation

The calf and its innocent, inexperienced nature often reflect one in dreams immaturity of the person concerned himself, that is, it symbolizes the dreamer’s own self. According to general opinion, he lives a very carefree life and has something childlike about him. However, this is also closely linked to one Dependency.

In particular, if the calf is seen next to the mother cow in the dream, this shows that the dreamer allows himself to be influenced too much by others and makes no or only a few decisions of his own independently. He should therefore try to break away from certain leading figures and authorities.

Playing with one or more calves in a dream also indicates immaturity: the person affected too often gets lost in childish pranks in everyday life and neglects important things.

Anyone who feeds a calf also runs the risk of easily falling for other people. It could easily happen that he is friendly to others, or does certain things for some people, when in reality they are not positive towards him. The dreamer should consider who might just be exploiting him or who might not be serious about him and change his behavior in the future based on these considerations.

Basically, the calf as a dream symbol can also be viewed as a positive sign. It may be a good time to go on a trip or have a big party. The everyday life of the dreamer is influenced by Luck be dominated.

This also applies if one or more calves are seen being slaughtered in a dream: the person concerned may soon be able to cure themselves of an illness, or in general successful be. He will succeed in certain projects. Seeing a parchment made of calf skin in a dream can bring an unexpected surprise.

Dream symbol “calf” – the psychological interpretation

The psychological interpretation of the dream symbol is largely based on the general interpretation. At this level too, the calf in the dream represents carefreeness and childishness. There is also the aspect of lack of independence and immaturity. In addition, the calf can also access one superficiality of the dreaming. He may be too quickly impressed by external values ​​without looking behind the facade.

In addition, dreams in which the mother or father of a child sees a calf are very important from a psychoanalytic perspective. This is almost always a sign demands too highthat the dreamer asks of his or her child in real life. You should definitely try to give the child more freedom and more time to play. The responsibilities of an adult do not belong in the everyday life of such a young person.

Dream symbol “calf” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, the calf is a symbol for the innocent love.

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