Cable – dream interpretation

Cables are an integral part of our world today. A cable carries electricity or messages from one place to another. Power cables are laid to supply buildings with electricity, and within households and business premises, cables also help to distribute electricity to the respective consumers.

Telegrams and faxes used to be used, today the Internet is operated via cable transmissions – recently fiber optics – to send messages and communicate with each other without contact around the world.

Distance currently hardly plays a role. The TV and internet supply is guaranteed by comprehensive lines. And although wireless connections are now commonplace in data exchange, the cable remains the epitome of connection to modern society and connection to technical developments.

If someone dreams of a cable, they may be concerned about contact with friends and family or other people in general. Maybe there is simply a need for modernization and the dream has a very real connection. The dream interpretation differentiates whether the cable is rolled up or entangled, intact or damaged.

Dream symbol “cable” – the general interpretation

A cable represents the dream symbol social ties of the dreamer. The dream shows how intensely you feel connected to people close to you. It can also include a request to generally seek greater connection to social life.

In dream interpretation, a cable is often a symbol for Endurance and longevity. If the dream symbol is broken, frayed or otherwise damaged, it indicates a lack of strength on the part of the dreamer.

In the dream symbol “cable” one often announces itself News that comes from far away. Also on one long journey The dream sometimes indicates dangerous work. If the dream carries it out successfully, he can expect a lavish reward.

In dream interpretation, seeing an endless cable means that you will not reach your goal. If someone lays a cable, the dream symbol represents an important connection that the dreamer will make.

Dream symbol “cable” – the psychological interpretation

A dream in which a cable appears is usually a sign that the dreamer unconsciously wants more connection to other people. You should feel this need for more Gesellschaft take it seriously and try to socialize a little more often.

If the cable is a proper roll, the circumstances and relationships of the dreamer are also orderly. The connection with others is good and trouble-free. If the cable is cut in the dream, this is considered in the dream interpretation Separation symbol. An existing relationship is cut off – by the dreamer himself or by the partner.

A damaged cable is a dream symbol for disturbed people social contacts. The dreamer does not succeed in establishing a real connection with his environment. In dream interpretation, a tangled ball of cables symbolizes chaotic emotional states. The dreamer is not sure who he has which feelings for. The various relationships should be ordered.

Dream symbol “cable” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “cable” is a symbol of connection and the eternal cycle of life and spiritual energy. In dream interpretation it indicates spiritual connections and Friendship hin.

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