Burdock – dream interpretation

A burdock is a specific genus of plants in the Asteraceae family, which is particularly widespread in Eurasia and North Africa. A characteristic feature of the fruits is that they can adhere firmly to clothing or the fur of animals so that they can spread them further. This characteristic makes the burdock not very popular with those to whom it attaches. It can get really caught in long hair and it is therefore difficult to get it out again.

However, burdock has long played an important role in traditional folk medicine. Its diuretic and blood-purifying effects are highly valued there. Burdock is used primarily for rheumatism in the joints, but also for ulcers and stomach problems. An infusion made from chopped burdock roots is also recommended, as well as other fresh or dried burdock plant parts. Burdock root oil is also well known and is even touted as a hair growth agent.

Colloquially, a burdock is spoken of when a person is particularly affectionate. In the dream world there are also burdocks. This can be the fruit, but also a human burdock.

Dream symbol “burdock” – the general interpretation

As in the waking world, burdock is also rather unpleasant and annoying in the dream world. If the dreamer sees a burdock, then this dream image can be used to announce that he will soon be with many pushy people will have to do.

The dreamed burdock often also symbolizes one unpleasant burden in waking life. The dreamer has great difficulty getting rid of them.

If the burrs bother the dreamer in the dream world, then they warn him that he should not allow himself to be used by other people who only see him as a means to an end.

Sometimes it is the dreamer who throws a burdock at another person while they are sleeping. In this case, the dream image shows that the dreamer likes something New or Unusual would like to experience.

Dream symbol “burdock” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation of dreams, the burdock can symbolize that the dreamer is holding on to something. Most of the time it is something that has long been outdated. Nevertheless, the dreamer cannot let go.

Another interpretation interprets the burdock as a symbol for this Feeling of togetherness. Usually there are several burrs that can be seen in the dream world when this meaning appears.

Depending on the dream plot, the burdock can also be a reference to a person in the waking world who clings to the dreamer like a burdock.

Dream symbol “burdock” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the burdock becomes one close connection symbolized.

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