Bullfrog – dream interpretation

Bullfrogs are originally native to Africa and North America. In the last few decades, however, amphibians have also spread in this country: while they were initially intended for breeding to provide frog legs for the catering industry, more and more specimens have been released into ponds and ponds, where they have multiplied rapidly.

Because they are significantly larger and more voracious than native species, they have become a threat to local wildlife as predators and competitors for food. The bullfrog, which is up to 25 centimeters tall, owes its name to its powerful voice, which is reminiscent of the mooing of a cow. The heavy animals can jump surprisingly far and become extremely aggressive.

If you dream of a bullfrog, you are probably impressed by the size of this animal. Maybe it seems aggressive and the dreamer is afraid. The loud shouting may also be heard in a dream. When interpreting the dream, the dreamer should pay attention to whether the amphibian causes interest or disgust.

Dream symbol “bullfrog” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “bullfrog” is a symbol of flexibility and adaptability. On the one hand, as an exotic animal, it has settled permanently in a foreign country and has asserted itself against other animals. On the other hand, it goes through several stages of development before it becomes an adult frog.

As a dream symbol, the bullfrog embodies this versatility. For the dreamer, the dream means that he should be more open to his own hidden abilities and positive qualities.

In addition, the amphibian is in two worlds at home, in the water and on land. In dream interpretation, the bullfrog encourages the dreamer to bring his emotional world into harmony with his mind. So he can benefit from both areas.

In addition, this huge frog can also be a dream symbol for jumpiness and Carelessness be. In dream interpretation, this can be a warning signal not to risk too much. However, the dream can also announce the success of a venture, which makes the dreamer’s heart jump with joy.

Many people feel disgust at the sight of an amphibian. In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “bullfrog” calls for this Disgust to overcome, as undreamt-of qualities can be hidden behind the unsightly appearance. Maybe the dreamer should just try something new.

Dream symbol “bullfrog” – psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “bullfrog” plays as a symbol of fertility and eroticism a central role. A dream about an amphibian is often a sign that the dreamer is dissatisfied with his body and his sexuality. In dream interpretation, the subconscious warns you to accept yourself as you are so that body and soul are in harmony.

Especially in the dreams of girls and women, the bullfrog as a dream symbol has a similar meaning to the frog prince from the fairy tale. The animal is called personality treated and thus reaches a higher level.

In a figurative sense, this means in dream interpretation: A purely sexual relationship must first be breathed into spiritual warmth in order for it to be fulfilling. Another aspect is reflected in the different development phases of the amphibian. They represent the stage of personal maturity at which the dreamer currently sees himself.

Dream symbol “bullfrog” – the spiritual interpretation

The bullfrog stands for this in dream interpretation Grow and Misdemeanor. As a dream symbol of change, it helps the dreamer to change himself again and again in order to develop spiritually.

A hopping movement of the animal in the dream refers to the possibility of making big “leaps” mentally. This refers to progress in mental and spiritual development.

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