Bricklayer – dream interpretation

A bricklayer works primarily on outdoor construction sites. In addition to laying stone on stone, his craft also includes concreting, formwork and the insertion of insulation materials. Demolition work can also be part of his area of ​​responsibility. A bricklayer needs a good physical constitution, as his job sometimes requires him to lift and carry heavy things. Working outdoors also exposes you to different weather conditions, which can be problematic if you have a weak immune system.

But in addition to all these requirements, what you need above all is manual skills to learn and practice the profession of bricklayer. Anyone who dreams of being a bricklayer may be a creative person in real life. But there are other interpretations of this dream symbol, as you can read below.

Dream symbol “bricklayer” – the general interpretation

Of course, it can also happen in our dream world that we dream about things that are closely linked to reality. It is possible, for example, to dream of being a bricklayer and actually pursue this profession in real life.

Such dreams often occur when you are very busy thinking about your own issues. As a bricklayer, you may have a very strenuous construction site to complete or the construction work is not going according to plan. This mental debate then continues in the dream and allows us to become bricklayers there too.

Things get interesting when you do completely untypical work there. According to dream interpreters, a bricklayer who, for example, waters flowers or mows the lawn in a dream needs one Time out from his strenuous work. It can feel strange for the dreamer to pursue these non-professional activities, especially if they are used to doing hard work. But see this as a helpful sign from your subconscious, which wants to ask you to slow down a little and allow yourself the necessary recovery phases.

In addition, the dream image “bricklayer” symbolizes lasting happiness. However, it also urges patience and calls on the dreaming person to show more perseverance in all their activities.

Dream symbol “bricklayer” – the psychological interpretation

The dream image of the bricklayer stands for in the psychological interpretation of dreams Diligence and Energy. Observing a bricklayer in a dream as he places stone after stone embodies the dreaming person’s desire to create something that lasts. In real life, people are very concerned about safety and are concerned above all about the well-being of their families.

If the masonry that the bricklayer builds in the dream keeps collapsing, the dreamer’s life may also be turbulent. Here the dream interpretation advises a little distance. Look at your situation from a little more distance. A change of perspective often helps to recognize where the error lies.

Dream symbol “bricklayer” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “bricklayer” is a symbol for the creative and Creativity of the dreamer.

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