Bowl – dream interpretation

Bowls can be found in practically every household. The shape makes them suitable for all kinds of food. A bowl can serve as an eating utensil for soup, rice or compote. Sometimes a larger specimen is arranged on a table for decoration with fruit or flowers. There are also beverage bowls for coffee or tea, usually made of porcelain. However, a bowl can also be made of glass, ceramic, wood or plastic. The design is ultimately a question of personal preference, whether you prefer it simple or richly decorated with ornaments.

Bowl - dream interpretation

If someone sees a bowl in a dream, they will probably want to find out what is inside. If it is something to eat or drink, the dreamer reacts either with rejection or with joy. The material of the bowl and its contents are important for dream interpretation.

The word “bowl” is often used colloquially to mean “bowl”. The bowl is part of the tableware set. If you are looking for a container that is not necessarily used for food, you will find this under Bowl. If you dreamed about the peel of a fruit or an animal, you can find a more precise interpretation for the type of fruit/vegetable in question and the type of animal. For egg shells, please see our article here.

When dreamers see a bowl in their dream, it usually has a specific context. Either it is made of an eye-catching material or the content attracts attention. Find out below what these details mean in a dream experience with the shell.

Dream symbol “bowl” – The most common dreams about the symbol

The material from which the dream bowl is made

Bowls Made of Glass: Fragile Dream Items

The most striking property of glass is that it is transparent. The glass bowl can be used as a symbol to indicate the goals of the dreamer, which are easy to understand. However, he seals off the core of his being and his emotional world from the outside. The dream interpretation for a bowl made of glass also points to the dreamer’s vulnerability. This is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage as long as he is aware of it.

The red ceramic bowl and its meaning in dreams

In dream interpretation, the bowl is a sign that is associated with many positive aspects. The ceramic bowl symbolizes recovery after times of exhaustion. If you receive a red bowl as a gift, it promises you will have wonderful hours with loved ones; In this context, the color red stands for liveliness and passion. A red-colored ceramic bowl can therefore represent a social gathering with friends, whereby the dreamer is ready to share his happiness and earnings with others. Conversely, it may be that the sleeper is invited to a party.

The contents of bowls in a dream

The empty bowl in dream interpretation

When a sleeper dreams of an empty bowl, there are two rather opposite dream interpretations to choose from. In the first case, the tureen is a dream symbol for the unfulfilled hope of friendship. Since the person may have problems with intimacy, this will be difficult to change in the future. In the second case, the person affected is the shell itself. Because he is a good listener, he has many good, deep interpersonal relationships.

Clear water: In the dream there is a bowl full of water

Water is clear and purifying. The bowl of water is therefore a dream image that indicates peace and relaxation. Maybe it’s time to “look deeper”, i.e. to think about some fundamental things. If you dream of a bowl of water, a quick self-analysis may be worthwhile. You could find new solutions to current problems.

Broken! The dream analysis of the broken bowl

Did the bowl break because it accidentally fell or did someone throw it? Basically, shards represent happiness, but a broken bowl in a dream also heralds troubled times. Even the end of a long relationship is now possible. If the sleeper is vigilant in the waking world, luck will remain loyal to him.

Dream symbol “bowl” – the general interpretation

Since a bowl is generally filled with food or drink, the dream symbol represents a source of physical well-being and relaxation in dream interpretation. In times past, dishes were generally a sign of wealth.

In popular dream interpretation, seeing a bowl in a dream means that the dreamer is a person high reputation enjoy. The material of the dream symbol plays a central role. Glass symbolizes the transparency of the dreamer’s plans. White porcelain indicates luck and wealth, while colorful porcelain promises a happy celebration. If the bowl in the dream is made of gold, this can be a sign of a future inheritance in dream interpretation.

The contents of the bowl also reveal something about the meaning of the dream symbol. If it is filled with cakes, sweets, fruits or nuts, it is embodied in the dream interpretation Hospitality and the willingness to care for others. In dream interpretation, a bowl or flower pot decorated with flowers is a symbol of an impending engagement.

If you are given a bowl in a dream, you may want to be appeased for something in real life. If the dreamer gives the vessel to another person, he enjoys being alone. If you drink from it, the dream symbol promises a pleasant love adventure. Breaking the shell in a dream, on the other hand, warns of the end of the relationship and the beginning of a restless time.

Dream symbol “bowl” – the psychological interpretation

A bowl has great symbolic power in the psychological interpretation of dreams. As a hollow container that needs to be filled with something, the dream symbol symbolizes the female act receiving.

The subconscious thus refers to the feminine, intuitive side of the dreamer.

In the sense of a sacrificial bowl, the dream can also raise the question of whether the dreamer completely gives himself over to another person in real life. The dream symbol “bowl” is then a symbol for the Self-sacrifice which can potentially harm the dreamer mentally.

If the bowl is made of glass, the material can be a reference to the dream interpretation lack of transparency be in the emotional life of the dreamer. Subconsciously he suspects that he should be more open about his emotions and thoughts with those around him.

In some cases, however, the dream symbol can also warn against sharing one’s deepest emotions too openly. If there is a hot liquid in the bowl, this can indicate a passionate character in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “bowl” – the spiritual interpretation

A bowl can hold something, but it can also donate something. In spiritual dream interpretation, the dream symbol has meaning in two ways:

One is the receiving aspect and the fertility. The second meaning lies in the symbol of abundance and the potion of immortality which the shell contains on the transcendent plane.

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