Blob – dream interpretation

No matter how neatly you work, it can happen quickly – the fountain pen drips or slips to the side, and a large blob appears on the paper and slowly spreads. We assume that writers whose writings are covered in blots are careless and too hasty.

It’s not for nothing that the inkblot is part of student pranks. On the other hand, we perceive splashes of color as positive and happy. If ink or a similar liquid is spilled on clothing, it usually creates a long-lasting souvenir because the ink cannot be removed even after repeated washing. Drops and splashes from wall paints and varnishes are even more difficult to treat and usually require special agents.

Read below about the different meanings the blob can have in dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “blob” – the general interpretation

If blobs appear as a dream symbol, they can symbolize stains on the proverbial “vest” of the dreamer and mean that it “is not clean”, that the dreamer has had some in the past Mistake has made. Although it is not a bad thing, it could be interpreted badly by ill-intentioned people. The person concerned may fear this discovery a little secret, even if it’s just the fact that he isn’t as perfect as he would like to be and as he appears to be.

Depending on the context in which the blob is dreamed, it can be about certain people who want to harm the dreamer or who at least fear such an attitude.

If the dreamer blots the ink while writing, this is interpreted in very opposite ways. It can be a sign of something to come soon Mistake act, for example to make a mistake, as well as a reference to – possibly business – Success, as the inkblot can represent sloppiness as well as energetic energy. The interpretation will emerge from the context and comparison with the dreaming’s current situation.

Dream symbol “blob” – the psychological interpretation

Blobs, especially on a well-written piece of writing, can spoil the whole, and you have to start the work all over again.

The blob as a dream symbol therefore refers to the Angst from mistakes, from the realization that you are not perfect. Sometimes we imagine in the darkest of colors how others might react if we ourselves show a lack of care. Nobody is really perfect.

Under certain circumstances, the subconscious draws attention to the fact that the sleeper also once “Be straight five” should leave. Or that sometimes you have to repeat something to make it better, and do not give upwhen an unsightly blob creeps in.

Dream symbol “blob” – the spiritual interpretation

Interpreted spiritually, a dreamed spot indicates hidden weaknesses and more realism attentive.

Enlightenment is not reserved for flawless souls; rather, it is about becoming aware of your own mistakes and learning from them, rather than just seeing them as an annoyance that needs to be covered up.

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