blinded – dream interpretation

Light is an important symbol in dream interpretation. Basically, it is considered an extremely positive symbol here; it stands for hope and success.

However, this is not exclusively true, because although light is perceived as something pleasant in most dreams, it can also appear in a less good context: when it is too strong or too bright and we are blinded. In the dream situation we may look into a headlight, squint our eyes and only see white flashes.

The glaring light of the sun can sometimes blind us in dreams. In rarer cases it also happens that the moon suddenly shines so brightly that we can no longer see anything else.

In the following part you will find out what dreams in which we or other people are blinded can say.

Dream symbol “blinded” – the general interpretation

In order to interpret the dream symbol “blinded”, you should first take into account what caused your vision to be taken away from you in the dream situation.

This is what a blindingly bright sun can do, according to popular belief bad News and announce unfavorable developments. Although you actually had high expectations, your hopes are not fulfilled. The dream warns the person affected not to trust too much in future successes and instead to develop an emergency plan in advance.

If, on the other hand, it is the headlights of a car or truck that blind the person concerned in the dream, the symbol shows that others know more about them than they would like. He is most likely trying to hide certain things. The dream is intended to make him aware that his Secretiveness is in vain. It would be better to place the cards face up on the table.

The dream symbol “blinded” is only interpreted positively if it is the moon that blinds the person affected. In this case, successes are announced, Health and satisfaction at. A long period of misfortune passes.

Very rarely it can happen in a dream that one is not blinded by a light source, but by the beauty of another person. In general dream interpretation, this suggests that the person concerned feels easily influence leaves. He is very susceptible to the influences of others and blind to their underhanded machinations.

Dream symbol “blinded” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, the dream symbol “blinded” shows that the person affected is too much of in everyday life emotions is controlled. He has very strong feelings and cannot always think rationally about them. This leads to a lack of structure in his life.

The subconscious draws the dreamer’s attention to the fact that he must learn to act in a more targeted and controlled manner.

Dream symbol “blinded” – the spiritual interpretation

In a spiritual dream, the symbol is considered to be “blinded”. Symbol of the divinewhich those affected cannot understand with rational knowledge.

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