Bird of prey – dream interpretation

Eagles, buzzards, hawks, sparrowhawks – we call all these birds birds of prey. But despite their predatory instincts, there is something majestic about their silent flight through the air that fills us humans with admiration and awe. When we watch a bird of prey spread its wings and soar into the air, seemingly weightless, many of us two-legged creatures awaken the desire to be able to float away just as effortlessly and be free as a bird.

This longing can also be reflected in the dream symbol “bird of prey”. However, what matters when interpreting dreams is how exactly the bird of prey appeared in our dream world.

Dream symbol “bird of prey” – the general interpretation

If you observe during your dream how a bird of prey circles high up in the sky, this dream situation suggests that you are big goals has set for the future and will achieve it with ease.

Birds of prey, such as the eagle, are fundamentally represented in the general interpretation of dreams Success and good luck. The bird of prey embodies the dreaming person’s power to assert themselves against negativity and assert themselves in life.

If you fly through the air with a bird of prey, this indicates a big one Longing for freedom and adventure. You may also have an upcoming trip that you are looking forward to with great curiosity and excitement. However, if you see a bird of prey trapped in a cage, you should examine where in your life you feel restricted or restricted in your freedom.

A bird of prey attacking you in a dream can symbolize impending danger. Therefore, be particularly vigilant in your everyday life and with the people you meet in the near future. If you chase after a bird of prey yourself and manage to catch it, you will be there in your waking life losses have to calculate. These can refer to both the material and human levels.

Ideally, the bird of prey’s prey should also be interpreted. These can be mice, rabbits and foxes, as well as small to medium-sized birds. If the bird of prey hits a rather unusual animal such as the opossum or a chipmunk, the dreamer is often blinded by external appearances and thus acts superficial.

If a bird of prey attacks an already dead, decaying animal, as the vulture does, the dreamer is warned about greedy people. These are so unscrupulous that they accept harmful consequences for the sleeper in order to achieve their own goals as best as possible.

Dream symbol “bird of prey” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, a bird of prey very often embodies attitude to life the dreaming person. If you watch them fly, the feelings during this dream situation allow you to draw conclusions about the dreamer’s emotional feelings.

If he feels happy when looking at the flying birds of prey, he is probably also a satisfied and balanced person in his real life who is able to notice the good things in life. His gaze is on one clear goal directed in the distance and he has no doubt of reaching it.

If you feel a sad or depressed mood while watching the birds of prey, you may be longing for something in your waking life that seems almost impossible to achieve. You should perhaps ask yourself whether you can do something yourself to change this situation instead of just remaining passive in your longing.

Flying birds of prey in a dream can also prompt us to have one better overview about our lives and thus achieve more clarity and foresight.

Dream symbol “bird of prey” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream image “bird of prey” is closely related to the element of air. Birds of prey symbolize communication, clarity and freedom and are considered ambassador between the human and the spiritual world.

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