Basement – dream interpretation

The basement of a house is mostly located below ground level and is accessible via a cellar door inside and outside the house, sometimes also via a trap door. It is cool and dark in cellars, and many people can certainly remember their childhood days, when the cellar had a mysterious attraction and something eerie and frightening at the same time.

In the past, food or coal was primarily stored in the cellar, as the temperatures there were consistently low and this was ideal for storing food. Before every household could afford a washing machine, women also went into the basement to use the laundry room here: the dirty laundry was laboriously washed in vats of boiling water, while the basement room slowly filled with steam.

In order to protect cellars from unwanted residents, mouse or rat traps were set up, especially when storing food.

During wartime, the cellar took on another meaning. One could escape into the cellar vault when enemy planes approached with bombing raids. For this purpose, so-called air raid shelters were built, which were equipped with fireproof steel doors in order to protect the population from attacks from the air.

In new buildings today, however, the basement has almost lost its horror as a scary object. Here we often speak of the basement instead of the basement, which very often even contains appropriately developed living spaces. There are numerous types of cellars: the wine cellar, vegetable cellar, equipment cellar, laundry cellar, tool cellar, boiler cellar, coal cellar and of course the popular party cellar.

But how does the dream interpretation see this dream symbol when it appears to you in your dreams at night?

Dream symbol “basement” – the general interpretation

Within the general interpretation of dreams, there can be very different manifestations of the dream symbol “basement”. The interpretations of this can therefore be very different. If you descend into a cellar in a dream, you should do a lot in the next few weeks and months patience and Endurance show. This applies to both the private and professional areas.

If you discover a lot of coal stored there in the cellar, as in the past, the dreamer can expect good business, especially with possible business partners from abroad. Also can be used in general good news be calculated. Overall, this dream experience shows a very positive development for the future.

Maybe in your dream you even live in the basement and have made yourself comfortable there. This can be a hint to the dreamer to be a little more modest in his lifestyle and to make sure to build up reserves, as there may be unexpected ones expenditure could come to him and he could quickly find himself in financial trouble.

If the cellar is full of wine in the dream, the person concerned should be careful in business matters and not allow themselves to be cheated if they are promised big profits. Even someone close to you may not be completely honest. Therefore, the dreamer should check very carefully who he puts his full trust in.

Sad thoughts, fear of the future and doubts can plague the dreamer in his waking life if he is in a cold, damp cellar in his dream or if he is rummaging around. Here the dream situation reflects this to him malaise of real life. You want to get out of this cellar just as quickly as you would like to banish dark thoughts. Maybe you hold on to certain thoughts because you really want to get your way. The dreamer would do well to take a step back and not want to bang his head against the wall, because that could have serious disadvantages for him.

If the cellar walls collapse in a dream it means: Caution! Because this can herald impending disaster for those affected. He should therefore definitely pay attention to such signs and be more careful in the near future than he would normally be.

Cleaning out the basement is an annoying, time-consuming task that sometimes even follows us into our dreams. If the dreamer experiences great disorder in the basement of the house while sleeping and then the person concerned begins to clean up, this dream situation is symbolic of one past affair, which still preoccupies the sleeping person. The person is now actively working on “classifying” the past and regaining structure in their own world of thoughts and emotions.

Dream symbol “basement” – the psychological interpretation

From the perspective of psychological dream interpretation, the basement symbolizes the unconscious in humans. The cellar is in the dark and holds secrets, fears, but also possibilities that the dreamer is not yet aware of. So if he descends into the depths of a cellar, he approaches the unconscious.

Everyone is certainly familiar with the metaphor of “corpses in the basement”, which means that something ominous and possibly forbidden is still in the dark because you haven’t wanted to bring it into the light of day yet or because you consciously didn’t know anything about it. Here the dreamer should try to remember the dream details and, above all, the feelings associated with them as precisely as possible, because this is of great importance for the precise interpretation of the dream.

If the person concerned feels uncomfortable in the basement and is perhaps afraid of encountering a burglar there, he may also fear in real life that someone stranger could harm him. But if he goes down into the dark cellar depths with courage and strength, this can show that he is after solutions searches that may well still lie hidden in his soul.

Dream symbol “cellar” – the spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream image “basement” also shows the unconscious level of the dreamer. If you associate this dream with a strong emotional touch, you should be more involved with yourself Soul life and connect with the spiritual level.

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