Barrier – dream interpretation

Barriers, also known as turnpikes or road barriers, can be found, for example, at railway crossings, toll booths, in car parks or, in the past, at borders. But they are also used as barriers for other purposes, such as a private driveway. Usually movable into the bar and the barrier is opened upwards. However, a barrier first prevents a vehicle or pedestrian from moving forward – the obstacle usually has to be removed first. The stop is used, for example, for control or payment of fees.

Does the closet in our dreams also have this function? Should we be stopped and examined? Let’s take a closer look at the meaning of the dream image “barrier”. Think about what type of barrier you experienced in your dream, because every detail of a dream plays a role in the analysis. Was it a railway barrier? A barrier device in traffic or at a construction pit?

Dream symbol “barrier” – the general interpretation

According to general dream interpretation, the dream symbol “barrier” can Obstacles point to the life path of the dreaming. These obstacles can, for example, be the dreamer’s aversion to change.

Also an impairment in emotional development or a standstill when achieving goals can hide behind the barrier in the dream. It is important to overcome these blockages in the waking world – but they often cannot be removed immediately. The dreamer will need a lot of inner power and strength for this.

The behavior of the dreamer when he encounters a barrier in the dream is also interesting for the general interpretation of dreams. Because conclusions for the waking world can be derived from this. This often also provides clues as to how to solve problems in waking life.

If the dreamer stops in front of a dream bar and doesn’t know what to do, the difficulties in his life will not be solved so easily. But if the person climbs over the barrier alone in his dream and has unlimited access to another part of the dream world, he will also be in the waking world Problems get over. If the dreamer can only overcome the dream barrier with the help of another person, he is generally asked to seek help for his difficulties in the waking world.

The dream symbol “barrier” can also have a type within the general dream analysis Protective wall represent. The dreamer should then ask himself what he is trying to protect in the waking world. He should also be clear about what he wants to protect himself from and why. Researching this cause will advance him further in his personal development.

If the dreamer refers another person in his dream “in their place”, he is shown that there are limits to his abilities and possibilities in the waking world. He should stick to these too.

Dream symbol “barrier” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the dream symbol “barrier” refers to criticism or a restriction. It can also indicate the dreamer’s ability to fight through difficulties.

If the barrier appears as a surprising barrier in the dream, the dreamer should admit to a weakness that is preventing his progress in the waking world. A closed barrier as a dream symbol shows the momentary standstill in waking life. If the barrier opens in the dream, the dreamer should become aware that he envies others for their progress. But he should now concentrate on himself. Then he too will move forward in his life.

Sometimes a closet beam in a dream can also be seen as a symbol of Transformation be interpreted. You should use this interpretation, especially if it marks a boundary in the dream.

If the dreamer crosses an open border barrier in his dream and thus reaches another country, he will also move into a new phase of life or develop further in the waking world. If there are problems when going under the barrier in the dream, for example because the identity card is not up to date, he will first have to overcome internal obstacles for his personal development in the waking world.

If you have to take a detour to avoid a lowered barrier in your dream, you should take the one you have chosen life path check. There is probably an obstacle there that cannot be easily overcome.

Dream symbol “barrier” – the spiritual interpretation

The spiritual dream interpretation interprets the dream symbol “barrier” as a hint to the dreamer that he has his inner Resistances must overcome. Only then will he gain new spiritual knowledge.

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