Barracks – dream interpretation

A barracks is primarily a building complex that serves either military or police purposes. This means that police officers or soldiers are housed there and ready to be called upon.

In common parlance, the barracks are often equated with a garrison. However, this is not entirely true: the term garrison is defined more broadly and actually refers to an entire troop location, which in turn can include individual barracks.

While there used to be a relatively large number of barracks, their number is currently decreasing due to the reduction in the size of the Bundeswehr. Many such buildings are now used for other purposes, for example as private schools or as accommodation for refugees.

But whether it’s a barracks or an entire garrison – what can this mean if we encounter it in our sleep? What interpretations does dream interpretation have about this?

Dream symbol “barracks” – the general interpretation

The general dream interpretation interprets the dream in which a barracks appears as an admonition to the dreamer in waking life cautious to be. You should be particularly careful in financial matters.

In addition, the dream image “barracks” can be a disciplined behavior, but also symbolize subordination and restraint. Furthermore, the barracks in the dream can indicate good stamina and a strong will to live.

Anyone who lives in a barracks in their dream should often be aware that their personal freedom is restricted. Even if one is locked in such a mass quarters while sleeping or feels a feeling of confinement, this can indicate anxiety that limits the dreamer’s activities in the waking world. You may also feel too dominated by an authority figure.

If a woman sees a barracks in her dream, she may have a sorrowful time ahead in love matters. If a man dreams of a barracks, this can generally mean that Disputes refer to a business partner or superior.

If the dreamer leaves a barracks, he can usually rely on one New beginning look forward to it, which will bring with it a better time. The sight of an empty or destroyed military barracks while sleeping can symbolize a time of unrest, which could possibly lead to disaster. Perhaps the dreamer also has to make some sacrifices during this time.

The sight of soldiers sleeping in their bunk beds in a barracks can be a dream symbol that indicates that you have lost sight of what is important. One should turn more to reality. The parade of regiments in a barracks or a military parade with soldiers in uniform and helmets can possibly herald an imminent dispute in the waking world while you are sleeping.

If you see a lieutenant, a colonel or a major in a barracks in your dream, you may be in for trouble in the waking world. If a sentinel stands in front of a collection of weapons and guards it, the dream image warns against one Community to protect them in the waking world and not allow them to be driven apart. The sight of gas masks stored in a barracks can warn against slander.

Dream symbol “barracks” – psychological interpretation

On the psychological level of dream analysis, the dream symbol “barracks” is primarily used as a symbol of one’s own Body viewed. The sleeping person may demand too much of this in the waking world. In addition, this dream content can indicate a lack of performance.

A barracks in the sense of a camp as a dream image can indicate the dreamer’s fear, restrictions in relation to his personal freedom. Because these limitations currently appear to be threatened by external influence.

In this context, leaving an army barracks can indicate that one is daring to make a new start and will free oneself from such obstacles.

The barracks, as a military base for the Bundeswehr, can also be relied upon to strictly follow one’s own rules while sleeping Values Clues. If, on the other hand, the barracks is a police location, you should deal with and process possible remorse on a conscious level.

In addition, various weapon symbols can appear in connection with the dream image “barracks”. These can be, for example, “pistol”, “missile”, “submachine gun”, “bomb”, “grenade”, “ammunition” or similar. If this is the case in your dream, you should simply use the search function at the top right.

Dream symbol “barracks” – the spiritual interpretation

According to spiritual dream analysis, the dream symbol “barracks” can direct the dreamer to his persistence point out what he shows in spiritual matters in the waking world.

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