Barn – dream interpretation

Barns are mainly found on farms and agricultural areas. They offer storage space, for example for work equipment, but also for the harvested harvests. Once the hard work of the harvest was done, there used to be a harvest festival to thank God for his gifts.

Barn - dream interpretation

When we dream of seeing a barn, threshing floor or hayloft, the main thing to consider is whether or not there are goods in it.

Sometimes the barn that appears to us in our dreams is also dilapidated and run down. Such circumstances are crucial for the interpretation of the barn as a dream symbol. Because just like in reality, a full barn in a dream is a positive sign for one’s own future, while an empty and dilapidated one is a bad omen.

But how exactly can a dream about a barn be interpreted?

Dream symbol “barn” – the general interpretation

According to general opinion, a barn that is in good and well-maintained condition in a dream symbolizes successes. The person concerned does good work in his life. For this he is not only appropriately compensated, but also valued by his fellow human beings. In particular, the employer also recognizes the effort and associated achievements of the person concerned in the job. He receives a lot of recognition for this.

The same applies if the storage in the dream is filled with grain, stalks and similar goods, also called a silo. In the best case scenario, there may even be animals such as cattle, pigs or chickens in the area around the barn in the dream situation. As in real life, such a dream shows that the person affected in the past well taken care of has. His future is secure, especially financially. Even if there are phases during which things don’t go as well as the dreamer is used to, he doesn’t need to worry.

An old barn that can still be used shows in the dream world that the dreamer’s success is rather low. The symbol can refer to the professional or private situation of the person concerned. For example, a job change can help to improve your financial situation, or alternatively, recognition or integration into the workforce. The lack of success doesn’t have to be about money.

Dreams in which a dilapidated barn is seen are interpreted less positively. The dilapidated, unusable building is said to expose those affected to many failures and resulting Fears about the future prepare. It is important to pay attention to any expenses in the near future and only invest in what is absolutely necessary.

If the barn burns, aggression, anger and disappointment build up in the dreamer. These feelings are looking for an outlet and are discharged in the dream through the symbol of the burning building. The person could try to find balance in everyday life or – in the best case – eliminate the reason for the pent-up anger.

Occasionally a barn is also used as a symbol secret love interpreted. The person affected could soon plunge into an erotic adventure. However, the relationship will most likely not last long and will not be able to withstand everyday life. The emerging passion for the other person may also be disapproved by the social environment.

Dream symbol “barn” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation approach, a full barn in a dream represents spiritual and mental energy. The dreamer is currently getting through his often stressful everyday life easily. He doesn’t let minor problems dampen his mood or take away his day-to-day motivation.

An empty barn, on the other hand, is a warning, according to psychoanalysts Insecurities and self-doubt. In this case, the subconscious asks the person affected to deal with their inner fears. It may also be necessary to recognize that professional support is necessary to overcome the personal low. This is especially true for people who suffer from severe anxiety for a long time and which affects their everyday life.

Dream symbol “barn” – the spiritual interpretation

In the spiritual interpretation of dreams, the barn with all the goods that are in it is a symbol of Understanding. The person concerned wants to discover previously hidden truths and develop further on the basis of these.

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