Baptism – dream interpretation

Baptism is a fundamental part of the Christian faith. Through them you not only become a Christian, but also confess your trust in God.

Baptism - dream interpretation

In addition to its importance in Christianity, this rite is also a symbol in dream interpretation. It happens that people dream of being baptized with holy water themselves or of witnessing someone else’s baptism. Others even become godparents to a child in the dream world.

Related symbols such as a baptismal gown, the baptismal candle or the baptismal font can also appear in dreams. – But how can these dreams be interpreted? Let’s take a look at dream interpretation:

Dream symbol “baptism” – the general interpretation

According to popular belief, a dream in which the person concerned is baptized can always be for one cleansing new beginning stand. The dreamer is at a threshold in life where he gives up old habits and inner attitudes and gives himself up to new possibilities. This can actually be a faith that creates an influence that has never existed before, the influence of God.

In principle, this can be viewed as a positive sign. However, the dreamer should make sure that he does not give up or reorient his ideals because others demand this of him. He should be convinced of the change himself and not just allow himself to be turned into someone else’s plaything.

The same can also apply if you watch a baptism in a dream. This also shows a new one Halt in real life. This will be accompanied by increased self-confidence and the achievement of one’s own goals. In addition, the dream symbol “baptism” can also be a Responsibility show that the person concerned will have to face in the near future.

Especially if in the dream he not only watches the baptism, but is also the godfather and holds the person being baptized in his arms, this calls for one to take one’s own duties seriously and not to shy away from important, responsible tasks.

Anyone who baptizes another person in a dream is at a point in life where they pass on their own knowledge to others and let them share in their wisdom.

A ship’s christening in connection with a launch in a dream brings with it success and happy times in waking life.

Dream symbol “baptism” – the psychological interpretation

From a psychological point of view, the symbol “baptism” in a dream can unite religious background have. It is possible that the person concerned deals intensively with their own faith or begins to identify with a religion.

However, this does not always have to be the case: psychoanalysts assume that a dreamed baptism also refers to one Reorientation can point out that is not religiously based. In this case, the dreamer may join a group with certain principles, or he may learn to recognize aspects of his everyday life and his life more clearly and dare to make a new beginning in a positive sense.

Dream symbol “baptism” – the spiritual interpretation

Baptism is a particularly important and equally healing symbol in spiritual dream interpretation. It is resurrection into a new life, in this sense also for a change, a new beginning.

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