Avalanche – dream interpretation

An avalanche is a mass of snow, rubble or mud that detaches itself from a mountain slope and takes more and more with it as it moves down the valley with increasing speed. Entire towns are often buried under it. In winter sports areas such as the Alps, it often happens that skiers or snowboarders trigger a snow slide and are run over and buried by the avalanche. Escape is rare and only with a lot of luck.

Rescue is carried out by a mountain rescue service, often using so-called avalanche dogs. Such a rescue dog is trained to find people trapped in ice. There are also special electronic avalanche search devices that can locate victims in the masses of snow, rubble or earth.

There are many different types of avalanches, depending on where such a force of nature occurs: A distinction is made between stone avalanches, slope avalanches, valley avalanches, top avalanches, base avalanches, flow avalanches, ice avalanches and dust avalanches. A landslide is certainly the most well-known type of avalanche next to the snow avalanche.

Literally you can “start an avalanche”, by using a word or an action to cause a chain reaction that keeps increasing and at some point becomes almost impossible to control. An avalanche of metal refers to the cars that are stuck in long traffic jams on the highway, and it also grows more and more over time.

An avalanche almost always means great danger. Anyone who dreams of one is likely to be panicked about being swept away by the masses and buried beneath them. Running away is usually the first impulse. That is why it is particularly important for dream interpretation whether the dreamer is watching an avalanche descend into the valley or whether he is in danger himself.

Some dream situations appear more often than others – this is also the case with the dream image of the avalanche. Now get to know the most popular dreams about an avalanche:

Dream symbol “avalanche” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Seeing an avalanche in a dream – just get out of here!

Watching a moving avalanche while sleeping suggests an action or statement in reality that will have consequences. However, the dreaming person did not expect the development that would result from this. Regret now comes too late if no way of apologizing or making amends is found.

Getting stuck in an avalanche – a nightmare!

If you are caught in a snow avalanche in the mountains in your dream and are buried under you, you may have to expect bad, unsuccessful times. Being trapped under snow, rubble, ice or earth, as a dream situation, usually indicates hopes that should be buried. The strength that you symbolically need to dig yourself back into the light of day is great. Only those who receive support from outside should continue to hold on to their wishful thinking.

Being buried alive in a dream signals that the dreamer sees himself without a way out in reality. A situation in his life is so stuck that he needs help to find a solution.

Dream symbol “avalanche” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “avalanche” is synonymous with an unexpected violent one emotional outburst. The dreamer is faced with the question of which emotions he has suppressed for so long and how he should deal with the consequences that such a sudden statement has on the social environment.

The avalanche in the dream represents something that the dreamer finds overwhelming and overwhelming. If he is carried away by her, in dream interpretation it means a loss of control. You should try to get your life back under control as quickly as possible.

As a dream symbol, a natural disaster such as an avalanche is one warning, especially when she’s burying something. In dream interpretation, they are announced in the dream image failure and Defeats at. Many hopes will not be fulfilled. Although the dreamer has the chance to overcome the negative phase, it will take a lot of strength to free himself again.

Anyone who sees a falling avalanche in a dream may have said or done something that triggered unexpected reactions in others. The dreamer probably no longer has any influence on the resulting development and therefore regrets his behavior. He should probably try to save what can still be saved. If a ski hut is buried by an avalanche while you are sleeping, you should usually behave more modestly when things get difficult.

Dream symbol “avalanche” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, water represents feelings; in frozen form it expresses the cooling of emotions. Ice and snow are a symbol of acquiescence and bitterness, possibly also of declining vitality. With the avalanche, these frozen feelings break out in the dream and can be destructive Effect unfold. Something has triggered a kind of explosion in the dreamer and the dream symbol expresses this visually.

If the dreamed avalanche consists of gray mud, you feel bored with your everyday routine in the waking world. You are “stuck” in your life, suffering from an unwanted standstill. Movement and changes are aspects that the dreamer could find healing.

You cannot escape the natural force of the avalanche – just like your own death. From this aspect, according to psychological analysis methods, the dream symbol is also an invitation to bravely face danger and conquer one’s fear. This danger can threaten from outside, but can also lie within the dreamer himself. Psychological conflicts and tensions must be addressed consciously so that the dreamer regains control.

The sensations you have when you wake up from the dream are particularly important in dream interpretation: What traces did the dream leave behind? Do you feel relieved and relaxed because pent-up aggression has been released? Or are you still full of panic and horror? Then the dreamer should take a close look at his life situation.

Dream symbol “avalanche” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol “avalanche” expresses a power that freezes the dreamer’s emotions.

In dream interpretation, the avalanche shows that the dreamer cannot counteract this power and is overwhelmed by it. He should ask himself what factors are his spiritual development hinder.

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