Aunt – dream interpretation

We refer to the sister of our own mother or father as an aunt, so she is a relatively close relative. The great-aunt is the sister of one’s own grandmother or grandfather. The godmother is the woman who witnesses the Christian baptism of a child.

The contact that is maintained with one’s own aunt is often different: Some people see her very regularly and are happy about frequent visits, others only meet their aunt at family celebrations and occasionally contact has (almost) completely broken down or they lie down possibly even in an argument.

The actual relationship with the aunt in real life can also influence the interpretation of the relatives as a dream symbol. But what exactly does a dream in which your own aunt plays a role say?

Dream symbol “aunt” – the general interpretation

According to popular belief, seeing your aunt in a dream can mean something unexpected Profit to announce. The person affected can be happy because they will soon receive something as a gift or will be able to achieve financial success. The dream symbol may also herald a favorable inheritance.

If a young woman dreams of her aunt, this is usually less positive: the dream could indicate imminent problems. Because of certain actions, she becomes strong from others criticized and suffer greatly emotionally from this criticism.

Only if the aunt smiles in the dream could this be a quick one overcoming of the difficulties. However, in the near future, those affected should try not to attract negative attention by acting too hastily and to hold back a little. This way, others may not even have the opportunity to say negative things about you.

In addition to these possible meanings, the aunt can also represent a certain part of the dream in the dream own personality symbolize. If it is a positive dream, if you are happy to see your aunt, this just shows that you are dealing with these character traits.

However, if you are unhappy about your aunt’s visit in a dream, this can be an indication that you are not at peace with certain aspects of yourself and do not accept parts of your personality.

Anyone who sees film characters such as Harry Potter’s aunt in their dreams will be able to successfully overcome problems due to their assertiveness.

Dream symbol “aunt” – the psychological interpretation

The aunt can also see aspects of the psychological aspect own character represent. As with the general interpretation, an aunt whom one rejects can also show that one is not in harmony with oneself and doubts one’s own inner attitudes and actions.

But if you meet your aunt in a dream and get to know her better, you will also deal more intensively with the parts of your own personality in real life and learn a lot about yourself. This could also be accompanied by growing self-confidence.

The dream motif “sex with aunt” is often particularly confusing. This dream situation does not express a real sexual desire for the relative, but rather the desire to achieve something similar to the real aunt in life or to adopt her character traits. she has a Role model function for the sleeper, and the sexual union in the dream shows that the person emulates her.

The dream symbol “aunt” can also do that actual ratio to reflect relatives in real life. In this case, the dream calls for you to remember your relatives more often and not to forget them in the stress of everyday life. If you have an argument with her, you should try to overcome these arguments and perhaps even get closer again.

Dream symbol “aunt” – the spiritual interpretation

At this level of interpretation, the aunt in the dream is part of one’s own spiritual group.

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