Arbor – dream interpretation

An arbor is a cozy place in the garden, sometimes with a bench, ideal for a romantic tête-à-tête, but also a retreat for anyone looking for peace and relaxation in nature. There are often small houses in allotment gardens, which are also called bowers, and their owners are popularly known as “Arbor Pipits”. The term automatically associates closeness to nature, seclusion and idyll. At the same time, an arbor is a place where you can keep and share secrets.

If someone dreams of an arbor, they may be in love and want a discreet rendezvous with the person. Or maybe he has something on his mind that he would like to share with a trusted person in private. Various aspects are essential for dream interpretation. What is the dream scene like overall? What do you feel in a dream and what is the life situation of the dreamer?

Dream symbol “arbor” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “arbor” stands for romantic dalliances as well as for secrets. The arbor in the dream promises luck in love and a speedy meeting with the one you love. Roses are additional attributes that reinforce the significance of the dream. Maybe a casual flirt will turn into deep love.

In addition, the arbor or pavilion is a dream symbol for secrets of all kinds and announces that the dreamer will soon find out things that were previously hidden from him. However, if you sit in the arbor in a dream, you have to expect that your own secrets from your private life will become public.

In popular dream interpretation, an arbor standing in the garden heralds the appearance of a long-missing person.

Dream symbol “arbor” – the psychological interpretation

In dream interpretation, the arbor is the dream symbol for the dream on a psychological level privacy of the dreamer. The subconscious has created a protective space in which the most personal thoughts and feelings can unfold. This can be an unacknowledged love for someone, but also wishes and needs that the dreamer wants to keep secret from others.

However, the arbor may also represent one in the dream Secretthat was entrusted to the dream by another person. Depending on what it is, this can be a severe psychological burden.

The dream symbol “arbor” also embodies the dream symbol in dream interpretation as a place where you can retreat to and be alone World escape and isolation. Problems in the partnership or with the social environment can be reflected in the dream.

Dream symbol “arbor” – the spiritual interpretation

On the spiritual level, the dream symbol means “arbor” in dream interpretation divine protection. It is a place where the spirit can thrive and mature unhindered by the material world.

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