Animal mouth – dream interpretation

It’s fascinating in films, documentaries or photos: the look into an animal’s open mouth. In reality this is certainly less true.

Animal mouth - dream interpretation

If you look into the mouth of a wild or angry animal, it means danger and an attack awaits you. The chances of defending yourself against the sharp and pointed teeth are probably slim. The fear is therefore all the greater when we see the gaping, growling mouth of a lion or a man-sized bear.

It is also fear that we feel when we see an animal’s mouth open in a dream. Sometimes we wake up shortly afterwards in a panic, but sometimes we are not relieved so quickly and may even be attacked and bitten by the wild animal. But how is an animal mouth interpreted as a dream symbol?

Dream symbol “animal mouth” – the general interpretation

Dreams about an animal’s mouth are generally considered warning dreams. They should provide those affected with a real existing one Danger indicate in waking life. He threatens not to recognize them as such and to risk his health, perhaps even his life. This can also mean impending illnesses.

The person affected should ask themselves whether something has changed in their body. If yes, what? A visit to the doctor would also be advisable.

If you look into an animal’s mouth in a dream, for example into the mouth of a mighty tiger or lion, this also announces things negative developments in certain matters in real life. Things will not turn out the way the person concerned hoped or wanted.

If you are life-threateningly stuck in the mouth of a wild animal, the dream symbol can primarily refer to the professional level. There may be opponents who destroy personal successes in advance.

A dream in which the person concerned not only sees an animal’s mouth but is even bitten by the animal is, according to general opinion, a dream Disputes and trouble in private life. In particular, this can cause problems in the partnership jealousy be.

The type of animal that attacked the dream can provide even more detailed information. To do this, you should type the exact animal into our search at the top right of this page.

Dream symbol “animal mouth” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, an animal’s gaping mouth represents one’s own Fear of life. The person affected is worried that they will not be able to assert themselves in everyday life.

It is very likely that he quickly feels overwhelmed by the demands and requests placed on him. It is important that he learns to structure himself better. In addition, the dreamer should work on his self-confidence.

According to psychoanalysts, the dream symbol “animal mouth” can also represent a person guilty conscience stand. You behaved incorrectly in a situation. The remorse now threatens to consume those affected inside.

If it is not the dreamer himself, but another animal who is threatened by a predator with a big mouth, the dream situation should be examined more closely. The frog fish is a special dream animal that attracts its prey and then devours it; Dream researchers assume that it is actually the sleeper himself who is symbolically represented by a dream threat is endangered. Something scares the person.

Dream symbol “animal mouth” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation approach, the animal’s mouth represents in the dream aggressions and suppressed anger. The person affected urgently needs to learn to deal with these parts of themselves. Otherwise he will not be able to develop spiritually.

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