Abundance – dream interpretation

Many people want a life of abundance. It means having more of everything than you need and therefore being free from existential worries. On the other hand, our affluent society is often criticized because the enormous range of goods and services on offer reduces the appreciation for the products and labor.

If someone dreams of living in abundance, they may enjoy this state to the fullest. The dreamer can treat himself to everything he wants without remorse or inhibition. However, he may also experience the dream as a sensory overload in which he is in danger of losing his bearings. To interpret the dream, the dreamer should find out what his or her own values ​​are.

Dream symbol “abundance” – the general interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “abundance” is a symbol of wealth and material advantages, but also specifically of an excess of food. The last aspect in particular indicates that the dreamer has a… secure livelihood and a solid social position are very important in real life.

Having an abundance of goods or money in a dream, like after winning the lottery, can mean exactly the opposite in dream interpretation. The dream symbol “abundance” then means that the dream is threatened with financial losses. But a lack of real friendships can also be expressed in a dreamed, luxurious life.

Living in a dream in a kind of land of milk and honey like a paradise can, in the dream interpretation, reflect on the one hand the desire for material security. On the other hand, the dream symbol “abundance” also indicates a tendency to waste attentive. Perhaps the dreaming’s need for freedom and independence is behind it. The dream is a reminder not to live beyond your own means, because abundance can quickly turn into poverty.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol also warns of the resulting consequences disappointment and shame.

Dream symbol “abundance” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the dream symbol “abundance” indicates the characteristic properties of the dreamer. On the one hand, the dream shows the dreamer’s great potential for inventiveness and vitality, with which he knows how to shape his life.

A dream in which the dreamer has unlimited resources can also be interpreted in the dream generosity let close.

However, the subconscious can also use the dream symbol to draw attention to the fact that excess, luxury and pomp overwhelm the dreamer. In his perception, the boundary between appearance and reality becomes blurred, so that he can no longer clearly recognize true values.

In addition, the dream warns against building a life lie and Loss of reality. The dreamer may have a self-image that does not correspond at all to what others have of him.

Dream symbol “abundance” – the spiritual interpretation

The dream symbol “abundance” indicates that the dreamer is mentally concerned with various aspects of spirituality. In it the union of the male and female principle a central position.

In spiritual dream interpretation, abundance often appears in the form of a cornucopia.

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