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The term above refers to a position. You want to convey that something is higher, i.e. above something else. Above is the opposite of below, and the word can be used to mean much more than just a local indication.

Whoever is at the top is usually in charge. Above is the “better” society, the upper class. You can treat someone from above, be on top again after a bad phase, or get the upper hand. Take the elevator up to a higher floor. Those who put in the effort sometimes make it to the top, for example to the top of a company. However, the higher the position, the deeper the possible fall. Heaven is above, hell is the underworld. Therefore it is also said: “All good things come from above.” If you no longer know where up and down are, you have completely lost your bearings.

Anyone who dreams of a position like the one above may see themselves in dizzying heights. The dream may scare the dreamer, but he may also enjoy it or find it exciting to be high up. The real life situation as well as the wishes and self-perception of the dreamer are decisive for the interpretation of dreams.

Dream symbol “above” – ​​the general interpretation

The dream symbol “above” stands for this in dream interpretation Striving for power of the dreamer. He has reached a position in which he leads others, in the professional or family sphere. To do this, the dreamer needs certain skills that qualify him as a trend-setting person.

A dream in which you are at the top also refers to this Intellect and how the dreamer assesses himself. The dream symbol can also be an indication that the dreamer sees himself as morally superior to others in his own perception. The dream is an invitation to critically question one’s self-image.

In popular dream interpretation, whoever is at the top in the dream has his/her status Goal reached. The dream symbol is a sign that you have arrived at the right place in your career. The dream symbol can also be a warning about one Danger be when you look up in a dream and see something hanging above you. If something falls from above in a dream and just misses the dreamer, he can just about avert a loss of money.

If there is something above the dreamer, but is obviously well secured, this represents an all-clear in dream interpretation: an impending danger can be averted.

Dream symbol “above” – ​​the psychological interpretation

In psychological terms, the dream symbol “up” in dream interpretation is a sign of striving for high goals and Ideal. Whether the dreamer will achieve this in real life or has already achieved it depends on his individual life situation and his personality. In addition, the dream symbol can be a reminder from the subconscious not to overestimate your intellect. In dream interpretation, above also corresponds to the male archetype and male rule, patriarchy.

In the dream, the top represents success, but also the sky, light and clarity. Anyone who dreams of higher spheres or planets, such as Jupiter, may have a lot of emphasis in their life the spiritual, enlightened and pushes physical needs out of his consciousness.

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol in this context is a call from the subconscious not to ignore erotic desires. The top often appears together with its counterpart at the bottom: In a house or a tree, for example, the spiritual area is often symbolized at the top in a dream, while the emotional area is embodied at the bottom.

Dream symbol “above” – ​​the spiritual interpretation

In dream interpretation, the dream symbol “above” provides information about at what point spiritual development where the dreamer is. Has he already reached the peak of his spiritual path?

In any case, the dream is an indication of the dreamer’s fundamental ability to rise above the everyday earthly world into the transcendent world.

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