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To get across a body of water such as a river or sea, a ferry can be used. These watercraft are used specifically for this ferry service and are used in different sizes and types. Depending on the transport task, a distinction is made between passenger ferries, car ferries and railway ferries.

Ferries of all kinds are also used in the dream world. There, ferry boats can take the dreamer safely to the other bank and help him on his way. However, sometimes the dreamer also asks himself whether it is advisable to enter such a ferry. Below you will find out what significance this type of ship has for your dreams and therefore for you.

First, let’s take a look at the most common dreams related to a ferry. Is your dream there? If not, please read the general dream interpretation.

Dream symbol “ferry” – The most common dreams about the symbol

Riding a ferry in a dream

Did you take a ferry to the other side of a river while you were sleeping? Did you see each other on the ship? Maybe there were even cars on board? Then you have experienced the omen for a journey. However, you must expect obstacles on this path. Gather your strength to successfully complete the “crossing”.

Oh crap! I missed the ferry in a dream!

Anyone who comes too late and misses their ferry in the dream runs the risk of shirking responsibility too often in waking life. In the dream world, missing out also signals the dreamer’s concern about disappointing other people with his actions – which is why it is better to postpone what could be done right away.

Dream symbol “ferry” – the general interpretation

If a ferry appears in the dream world, this is often one warning. It draws the dreamer’s attention to the fact that danger is imminent. If a ferry can be seen as a dream image, then the dreamer should not take any risks and do nothing that others should not know about.

According to old traditions, you should not go for a walk along rivers unnecessarily if you want to heed the warning of this dream image. – However, whether you pay attention to this warning is up to you. Experience has shown that further negative dream images must first appear before such specific dangers become important.

Taking a ferry is usually not a positive sign either. She announces a trip, but it keeps coming Obstacles on the way and you also have to be prepared for an undesirable stay. But don’t worry: every obstacle can be overcome with sufficient will and strength. Together if necessary.

Dream symbol “ferry” – the psychological interpretation

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the ferry is usually referred to as Life ship interpreted. If the dreamer is on this ferry, then he would like to achieve a change in his life soon. He is striving for a new goal and wants to throw the past overboard.

Depending on the dream plot, this dream image can also refer to a group of people, since the ferry can also transport a large number of people. In this case, the dreamer belongs to this group that is together at a turning point in life.

Since the ferry connects two banks, it can also be interpreted as a bridge in dream interpretation. However, in this context, the dream image of the ferry places even more emphasis on the dreamer’s own efforts and endeavors.

If the ferry docks at a ferry pier and it does so well and without problems in the dream, the sleeper is probably in for good times full of happiness and contentment. Health problems only become an issue when the sea is too rough for safe anchoring.

Often the ferry as a boat is supposed to show that the dreamer is going to new shores breaks up and leaves behind outdated feelings, ideals or behaviors. The dreamer develops further and strives for new goals mentally and spiritually. This change will enrich the dreamer’s life, but it should not be underestimated that it will initially unsettle him.

Since the ferry is the symbol of death in Greek mythology, it can be seen in this context that the changes for the dreamer can be profound or even existential.

Dream symbol “ferry” – the spiritual interpretation

The dreamed ferry is called a so-called in the spiritual interpretation of dreams “spiritual death” interpreted or generally for changes.

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