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The bicycle is one of the most popular means of transport. It requires physical effort and at the same time gets us to a destination faster than if the distance had to be walked.

Young people in particular who do not (yet) have a driving license or a car like to use bicycles. Older people buy an e-bike, an electric bicycle that is powered by a battery and supports the drive. Children often start with the more stable tricycle, but there are also three-wheeled vehicles for adults to transport loads with. For safety reasons, many cyclists wear a helmet to avoid sustaining a head injury in the event of a fall.

In addition to the practical aspects, bicycles also serve as a leisure activity: many people enjoy cycling tours through nature on warm days. There are different types of bikes, depending on the intended use: the racing bike for sports enthusiasts, the Dutch bike for those who like to relax and the unicycle for balance artists. A tandem is suitable for at least two people who can ride one bike sitting behind each other. There are countless bicycle models and brands on the market, there is something for every buyer.

Traditional brands such as “Gazelle” or “Batavus” from the Netherlands enjoy a good reputation for Dutch and city bikes, while the Italian company “Pinarello” is one of the best-known, most successful racing bike manufacturers.

It’s not uncommon for people to dream about bicycles. At this level, too, bicycles play a greater importance in the dreams of young people. However, the dream symbol can also appear in adults. But why do people dream of bicycles? What does the symbol say about our subconscious?

Dream symbol “bicycle” – the general interpretation

In dreams, means of transportation basically symbolize advancement in life. According to the general interpretation of dreams, the bicycle announces the Further development of personality. This is also the reason why young people in particular often dream of cycling. They go through many stages of development in a short period of time, make new plans for the future and strive for independence.

These impressions, wishes and ideas are processed through the dream symbol “bicycle”. At the same time, there is also one Hilarity in close connection: dreams in which bicycles play a role are often perceived as “happy dreams”; the person affected feels lively and cheerful.

If you go on a bike ride with your partner in a dream, you can transfer the above-mentioned aspects to your relationship: it will develop in a positive way. The opposite of this can be indicated by dreams in which the partner has a bicycle breakdown, which makes it difficult or impossible to move forward. In this case the dream represents one warning indicates that the relationship (sexually) could be entering a difficult phase.

In addition, buying a bicycle in a dream can indicate that the person concerned should generally move more in real life and too often forgets to take care of themselves and their body. In this case the dream should be as request understand how to think about your own health and do more sport.

If a bicycle is stolen or lost in a dream, you have probably missed an opportunity in life that would have made it possible to advance (professionally). The dreamer should review the last few months and think about a loss.

If you ride your bike through a red light in a dream, you are prepared to not let anything or anyone stop you on your way to your destination. Obstacles – like the traffic light symbolically here – are avoided, the dreamer strictly follows his plan. Anyone who pedals hard in a dream will also be determined and successful in their endeavors.

Anyone who sees a luggage carrier in a dream will have to prepare for the fact that heavy emotional burdens will come their way. But don’t worry: with outside support, the problem will soon be a thing of the past.

Dream symbol “bicycle” – the psychological interpretation

According to the psychological interpretation, the dream symbol of a bicycle has a special meaning because, in contrast to most other means of transport, riding a bicycle requires physical effort. To reach a destination by bike, you have to do something yourself.

Some psychoanalysts therefore see the dream symbol as the expression of a wish or Ambition of the dreamer to achieve a goal on his own. The person affected wants to change and move forward in life and is aware that he is responsible for whether he will implement his plans. This sense of personal responsibility is often perceived as pleasant.

According to psychoanalysts, riding your bike into a dead end symbolizes that you want to move forward but are stuck in old behavior patterns. Unprocessed experiences from the past can also become noticeable in dreams.

Dream symbol “bicycle” – the spiritual interpretation

According to the spiritual interpretation, the bicycle symbolizes the dream liberation of problems. The person affected can leave certain things behind and in this way take the path to perfection.

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